Chickens and Butterflies

2:27 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Yesterday Jami and I made these cupcakes! They were easy and hard…hard because the chocolate hardens fast and it takes a little while to figure it out…but then it was easy to make these pretty butterflies. You just draw a pattern for 2 wings. Microwave the chocolates in two open Ziploc bags until melted. Squeeze out air and seal the bags. Cut a small hole out of one corner. Place your pattern under the wax paper and squeeze the chocolate along the pattern and fill it in…then we put a few sprinkles so they kind of looked like monarchs…Anyway, they look really pretty when all together!

And today, while driving down the road Preston and i stopped at a little park where there are always a TON of chickens and roosters! I thought he’d be scared of them but he wanted down as soon as he saw them…I tried to make sure he was nice to them!





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