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We’ve been experiencing some lovely weather out here…but it’s kind of scary because we aren’t getting a whole lot of rain…which isn’t good for our water supply! So hopefully we get more rain soon! (I never thought I would say that.) But since it is sunny and nice we have been trying to take advantage of it. The Sacramento temple grounds are so pretty and there is a BIG grassy/tree-filled area…so yesterday we went up so Preston could run around in the oak trees. He loved it. I’ll have to get a video up here of his run…it’s a lot more up and down motion than forward…so we hope he grows out of it…it’s pretty funny.


In the picture above…the temple granite doesn’t look reflective until you look at it from another angle…then it’s almost like a mirror.




Earlier this month I took some pictures of my brother and sister-in-law and their two little boys. We went to a neat place right off a main road…but you wouldn’t even know there were cars right next to this place! I know I posted a few (uhh…or more than a few!) on my other blog…but here’s one that when it came off the camera I thought, “Ok, Terrible. Not as good as I had envisioned.” Here it is, straight off the camera.

Tim and jami_0229

But I think I am now pleasantly surprised…It came out nice and fun.



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