Free Museum Day!

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Today was Sacramento’s “Free Museum Day” where (obviously) all…or most…of the museums in the area are free. So we decided to take advantage of some free entertainment with some of our friends and their little girls. We went to the Discovery Museum. because of fire codes they could only have a certain amount of people in the building at a time and so we ended up waiting in line for about 2 hours! Then we got inside and the museum took about 15 minutes to walk through…I went there on a field trip a LONG time ago…when you’re little everything seems bigger. Anyway, it would be a great place to go back to when the building wasn’t at maximum capacity. Preston didn’t mind the whole waiting in line part…he didn’t really wait, just ran around with the other kids, so again he was out cold as we turned out of the parking lot.


Waiting on a bench and watching the duck and turtle in a pond…



He decided to go sit down by these trees to enjoy his pretzel…and once inside he got to see a real tiger…a real dead one…it looks pretty crazy.


AND we got a free family photo.


The end.


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