Black and White All Over the Place

1:25 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Last night we had New Beginnings for our Young Women and my job was the desserts. The theme was “Is it black or is it white?” So, I used yet another cupcake idea from the amazing book “Hello Cupcake.” I searched around for different candies and decorations that were black and white (decorating sugars, gels, raspberry candies, licorice, white chocolate chips, Good ‘n Plenty, sprinkles…etc.) and decorated some cupcakes! Some of them were interesting looking…but all together I thought they looked fun…and the mini ones are always cute. You don’t feel guilty eating two (or six…..) I think it would be really fun to try doing this with different color schemes. This is an easy way to make cupcakes look like you spent lots and lots of time on them…one of the young men even asked if I bought them…oh, sweet boy.




And here’s my handsome boy…taking after his mom…sorry Nana…I promise he didn’t break it…


Before Preston had teeth I didn’t want them to come in because I thought he looked so cute with a gummy smile…but oh how I love those baby teeth!


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