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I have been meaning to post for awhile now!! I just have no photos on Shaun’s laptop that we now have hooked up to the internet and am too lazy…or scatterbrained…to get any on here…so it’ll just be a little writing today. Sorry folks. I usually look at people’s blogs for the photos, so if you automatically hit the back button…I’ll understand…

I just wanted to share a few things. First off…my little boy turned TWO!! Two years ago he jumped right into our family and life has never been the same! In a good way, of course. Some days I go a little nutty, but every day I love and adore that little guy! We were up in Medford for Shaun’s cousin’s wedding (which I got to take photos of…and they were a BEAUTIFUL couple…there are a few photos on my other blog) so we didn’t really get to celebrate his birthday :( No Cake. But we did get to spend some time with Shaun’s family, which was great. I REALLY wished we lived closer!!

My awesome dad also had a birthday…and you would never guess by looking at him and listening to all the crazy things he does that he is the age he is…I mean, riding to work three times a week (FYI he works over 30 miles away…and he works GRAVEYARD…so he rides his bike to work at night…crazy old man:) I hope to follow in his foot steps…not with the midnight bike rides through downtown Sacramento, but his love for exercise! I love you pops!

I have been lucky enough to be very busy taking photos…and I just finished my third wedding today…Three in one week…what was I thinking? At this point I never want to see another wedding again…Though I am sure I’ll get over that (or I am hoping I will…)

Shaun starts Law school on Monday!!! We picked up his books yesterday and the sack literally felt like it would rip my shoulder off…and that wasn’t even all of them! Yikes.

Life has just become hectic. A good hectic. I’ll try and post some photos soon.


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