Heads, Noses, Walks

3:03 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Poor Preston. He’s had a few days that just haven’t gone his way. Saturday, while at a baptism…he decided to try and crawl under daddy’s chair. His head got stuck. Like really stuck. It took some screaming and crying, all sorts of folks turning around (probably thinking “Who’s kid is that? Please shut him up!”) some seeing the poor kid wedged under the seat and getting up to help. The first speaker got up and was talking like nothing was happening (apparently she really didn’t hear him!) And finally after much help, tears, and Shaun saying “okay, this might hurt a little…” he yanked Preston’s head out and rushed the crying boy into the hall. ┬áHe ended up being fine but he BETTER have learned NOT to stick his little head between the bars of church folding chairs…or any chairs for that matter!

Sunday morning, just before leaving to church (of course) he ran into the door frame of our bathroom and ended up with a bloody/swollen nose which we are hoping isn’t broken…it looks okay today and he says it feels fine…though it is still slightly swollen and a little bruised up. Again, lots of tears, a little blood and a cold which made the bloody nose even nastier! He isn’t usually an accident prone kid so I hope this isn’t a trend he is starting. We’ll see…

Though here he is (and a few other cute family members) post head stuck, pre-face plant happily ready for a nice Sunday walk! I love Sunday walks :)


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