Our 18-month-old!

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Well, it’s true…our little Ada is 18 months old now! We love her an insane amount. She is a little drama mama already and right now it cracks us up…not sure if it’ll have the same affect when she’s a teenager, but we’l enjoy it for now.  Anything her brother is doing she so desperately wants to copy and I always hear Preston tattling,

” MOOOOOM! Ada is Coffeeing me!”

“Preston, It’s COPYING me. And she just loves you. She wants to be like you.”

“Well, I don’t like her coffeeing me.”

“Ok. I’m sorry. It’s Copying…”

I hope one day, when she learns to actually play instead of destroy, that they will get along better! We’ll see.

She is starting to say all kinds of things. Our favorite things lately are Goooooooooo Cougars!, Ipad, and all her animal sounds. I love this age when they are learning to talk.

We love having her in our home and I know there is a lot more to share about both our kiddos but I’ll leave it at that. We love them. Shaun takes his last final today so hopefully we will be spending some good times together as a family in the next few weeks. We better if Shaun wants a happy wife…haaaaha….but seriously.

And here are a few pictures that I took to document the big half birthday. We should all celebrate half birthdays, it think so anyway :)






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