Someone is 4 months!

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Dallin is such a happy kid!! He is just a little sweetheart and a smiley little guy! The thighs and arms are definitely chunking up, which we like :) Ada can’t quite say his name so she calls him “Downy.” Preston loves to hold him and was so proud of himself yesterday for holding him and then standing up with him…while I am freaking out inside that he is going to drop him but trying to be excited and proud since Preston thought he did such a great job…and he did,¬†because¬†he didn’t end up dropping him. He is a really good big brother. Anyway, we love our new addition and I think we’ll keep him :)

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I found these macro filters for my lens and they were $12 on Amazon…WAAAAAY cheaper than a new macro lens! So I got them. They may not be as great as a macro lens but who cares! I mean, $12?! Compared to $300-$900…anyway, you probably don’t care but in case you were wondering why these are SO close up…that’s why. I was playing around with them.


He also did this a few times…haha sorry, it’s gross…but I am smelling it on my shirt as I type and this is something that is part of our lives quite regularly these days!

I just happened to be so fortunate as to catch it on camera. Ew.



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