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November 16, 2012 just drug on like cold molasses…on and on…all day we waited. Bar results wouldn’t be available until 6pm! We chatted on and off all day on gmail, “I think you passed…” “I think I failed.” “You have to have passed…I’m confident?? But what if…?” “I think I failed.”  And so on, all day!

We refreshed the Bar website 1500 times. 11 hours remaining, 3 hours remaining, 72 minutes, 66 minutes, 48 minutes…etc. etc. all the way down to the minute mark. We were so nervous!!!!!  He typed in his numbers and then hit enter and we read “This name appears on the July 2012 bar pass list.”

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! HOORAY!! Law school drug on and on…then the end of law school seemed to drag even more with marking the last class, last final, graduation, bar prep, taking the bar, and FINALLY finding out if he actually passed 4 months later!! I am so proud of Shaun and that he has made it through law school and he has done really well! Even after having several kids and all the other crazy things life threw at us. My husband is pretty awesome, in my opinion :)  He still has to be sworn in…so I guess it is STILL dragging on, but at least the worst is over!

Such a great accomplishment, I am still in shock, but feel so incredibly blessed!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us through the last few years! We have had so much love and support, it is overwhelming and we thank you so, so, so much! There are no words, really.

Here’s to a new chapter!


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