10 months old!

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Our little Dallin is 10 months old!

We love having him in our family. I love how when I am pregnant I can’t picture what our family will be like with another child, I can’t even visualize it…I don’t know who is growing in there! But when they are out, I can’t imagine life without them there…like they have always been a part of it.

This little guy is such fun to have around. Today we were at Gap and one of the guys who worked there came up and started talking to Dallin. Dallin held up his little hand and the guy took it and then he dove to the man! The Gap worker took him and then Dallin just laid down on his shoulder! They guy loved it. Said he wanted to cry :) Later while in another store the lady working there started talking to Dallin and he turned away and would have nothing to do with her. She said, “Oh, it’s his age. Kids at this age always go through this…” We didn’t want to tell her that we just witnessed him lunging toward a stranger in another store…she followed up with, “But that’s okay. You don’t want them to go to strangers anyway. The ones who do are the ones who get kidnapped.” Haha

Anyway, we love our sweetheart. I don’t want him to grow up and talk back or tell me I only have 3 more chances to be nice and then he’s leaving our family…Preston…I mean….. Or when I tell him to say thank you he responds with, “I never say dat.”…Ada…but we love ’em all, no matter how much sass they dish out. I’m sure I was a turd sometimes too. Okay, I am positive I was :)




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