My Girl

11:27 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Ada brought me my camera across the tile floor (eeeeek don’t touch my camera!) and she wanted to take some pictures. So, instead of shooing her from my precious 4th child like I normally would I set it up on a chair (over the carpet) and showed her which button to press. She took some of me, and then we put on the timer and would run back and forth taking pictures. She loved looking at the back of the camera to see us in there and I loved to see me with my girl! I’m not sure if this is a recent thing for me, but I have become very…sentimental? I’m not sure the word, but wanting to cherish every second of these kids’ childhood because I already feel like it is slipping away too quickly! Not to say that I sit and relish in the fighting, whining, mess making, poop cleaning, etc. but I stop and think all the time, “Will I remember this second? Will I remember my kids at this stage? Will I remember the ordinary days?” And it makes me sad to think that, no, I probably won’t remember most of the ordinary days! I already look at pictures of Ada and Preston and think, “You looked like that?” I watch videos and can’t really remember them as little babies! So, I am trying hard to at least stop and look around and watch my kids with the hopes that I will remember these days better and not wish them away because I am tired and frazzled!




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