Bad Mom

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Not only will you think I am a bad mom because of this SECOND…or possibly third… ice cream post in the last month or so…meaning we probably eat more ice cream than I actually post…BUT LOOK AT THE COLOR OF THIS STUFF?! We went to Rite Aid, which used to be Thrify’s, and they still carry the Thrifty’s brand ice cream. Some of them actually have an ice cream spot where you can still get their signature tubular shapes scoops. I almost feel like it taste better in tube shape.

My dad used to take us there and will still come over and drop off a half gallon, here and there, of chocolate malted crunch. Yum. Or we can usually (always) expect he has a freezer full of it…and hot fudge…and there’s always some whipping cream in the fridge so almost every time we are there sundae’s are in order. I’ve inherited an ice cream addiction…I will blame it on genetics :)

Okay, I’m going off subject a little…where was I? Oh yeah. Florescent ice cream colors that can’t be good for anyone…I let the kids choose the flavor they wanted and I had hoped since the Cotton Candy flavor was at the very top, that they wouldn’t see it. They obviously did and I let them get it. Wow. When I was scooping it, I could not believe the colors…they were weirdly pretty yet very disturbing. How could any food be that color? The pictures don’t really capture the true colors!

Probably wouldn’t get it again, but it was fun once!





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