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I like pictures. It’s no secret. I take lots with my camera..but also lots with my phone. Rarely do I put the ones from my phone onto the computer, but since my phone has become overloaded and has no more memory I’ve decided it’s time to delete some off the ol’ phone. Now I am wondering why I didn’t do this sooner and post some of them on here! The phone pictures are the funniest because I always have it handy. So here are some of the things my phone sees.

I also have a few from my old phone too…so these may go WAY back. Like maybe years…so get ready.

And I am a caption on the top kind of a person, so don’t get confused.

We woke up to our fence on fire at about 2 am right before Christmas…it started in the neighbors garbage can and then spread to their house. Luckily everyone got out and most of their belongings inside the house weren’t terribly damaged, but this was taken from inside Preston’s room and I hate to think what would have happened if we hadn’t heard a Fabreeze can explode! No one would have woken up!! So, that was an eventful night! We were evacuated until about 4:30 on a December night! I know our North Dakota friends and Iowa family think we don’t know cold, but for us California kids, we thought it was pretty chilly :)

 photo 20131216_075918.jpg

Ada’s preschool ornament…still freaks me out to look at it.

 photo 20131219_115941.jpg

Dallin, being his cool self.

 photo 20140202_114607.jpg

Jamba Juice date with mom.

 photo 20140213_105001.jpg

Checking out Folsom lake at its lowest point. We probably hiked a mile from the beach parking lot to get to the water!

 photo 20140114_155948.jpg

Snuggling Nana.

 photo 20140213_212439.jpg

I thought I just took you out of the bath, dried you off, and put a diaper on you…

 photo 20140211_200206.jpg

 photo 20140308_152557.jpg

 photo 20140314_160133.jpg

First day of swim!!

 photo 20140314_171406.jpg

Finding geocaches with the cousins!

 photo 20140312_164629.jpg

Ada sharing the tape measure for show and tell.

 photo 20130910_114151.jpg

All that bath tub and they all cram to the front still!

 photo 20130808_082540.jpg

Our princesses :)

 photo 20130810_110104.jpg

And for some reason this is all my blog will let me put in this post…so I will have to do another! Poor you.


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