Phone Pics part III

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Okay, this is getting ridiculous…but I am hoping this is the last post!!!

(If you haven’t started with the original “phone pics” post below, I just unloaded a bunch of pictures from my phone, and my old phone as well and so I am posting a bunch…or more than a munch…here. These go way back.)

Maybe this is just me thinking I am hilarious, but seriously, don’t you think this when you see this photo?

“Avada Kedavra!”

 photo 0325131307.jpg

More of Preston’s meal planning.

 photo 0325131318.jpg

 photo 0426131329a.jpg

Bathing beauty.

 photo 0703130951.jpg

This one is from a LOONG time ago.

 photo 0427111750.jpg

 photo 0801121629.jpg

 photo 0713121500.jpg

Hiking at the Biblical Gardens in Auburn

 photo 0810121015.jpg

 photo 0810121042.jpg

Going to grandma’s in Utah…fun park in Battle Mountain

 photo 0819121346.jpg

Another fun stop in Lovelock.

 photo 0819121611.jpg

 photo 0820121539.jpg

 photo 0917110945.jpg

 photo 1005111649.jpg

 photo 1103120035.jpg

 photo 1122121044.jpg

Remember this face?

 photo 1210121240.jpg

Shaun being sworn in.

 photo 1203121049.jpg

My friend Brooke and I have started getting together when she is in town and ROLLERBLADING! It’s fun. You should try it, even though it isn’t necessarily as cool as it was in 1992. She forgot which side her brake was on and ate it. Luckily she slid into the mud and not on the cement…or it wouldn’t have been as funny and I’m sure our rollerblading experience would have ended 100 yards from the car that day. Also, we don’t rollerblade on gravel. So don’t try it.

 photo 20140217_095305.jpg

AND that sums up a few of the hundreds of photos that were loading up my phone!




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