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As I have mentioned before, I feel blessed for so many reasons! I am always trying to show my gratitude to God for all the blessing I have and all the people I have in my life, though it seems that I can’t do enough to show that gratitude! One of the things I feel so blessed for is my, and Shaun’s, parents and grandparents. Up until fairly recently we have had ALL of our grandparents around to see their great grand children! Though two of them have passed on, we still have 7 grandparents here with us! They have all been such amazing examples to me, even the ones I have only known since being married to Shaun. They’ve all shown great strength through trials, lived lives of service and great faith. I only hope I can be as amazing as many of them are!

A couple Sundays ago we fixed dinner and all went up to spend time with my mom’s parents. If anyone has lived a selfless life, it’s my grandma! She cannot just sit still and do nothing. She must be doing something for someone or helping in some way. The day before she went in for open heart surgery, she was feeding the missionaries from our church! Amazing. I’m glad I brought my camera so I could get a picture of 4 generations of girls. One day Ada can have this picture and I hope she realizes the importance of families. I love all these girls :)

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