More Easter!!

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I Know, I know…more Easter?! Yes. I’ll make this quick.

We had a little brunch with one of my sets of grandparents on Saturday and then did an Easter egg hunt. On Easter morning we did another hunt, this time with no candy, just things related to the Savior and the events of the atonement and resurrection so we could remember why we have reason to celebrate, and then ended with another hunt at my other set of grandparent’s house…so if you are wondering why we have so many pictures of Easter egg hunts…that is why :) Normally we don’t have this many, but I guess we just got lucky this year!

Aunt Wyatte!! YAY!

 photo a1.jpg

 photo a2.jpg

 photo a3.jpg

 photo a4.jpg

 photo a5.jpg

 photo a6.jpg

This picture below is a total Dallin face; he is such an animated kid! He was quoting Frozen, Kristoff saying to Sven “What’s the magic word? Pleeeeeease?”

 photo a7.jpg

 photo a8.jpg

 photo a9.jpg

 photo a10.jpg

 photo a11.jpg


 photo a12.jpg

 photo a13.jpg

Dallin was looking for other things:

 photo a14.jpg

 photo a15.jpg

 photo a16.jpg

 photo a17.jpg

 photo a18.jpg


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