Ada’s Birthday!

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I know this was last month…but we are only a couple days into July so last month wasn’t all that long ago! Plus, I kind of want to go in order so if I ever make another blog book I don’t confuse myself! I did make a blog book through Blurb last year and it comprised 3 or 4 years so it got pretty thick…but I love it! I think Blurb did a great job printing the photos and binding the book! I was pretty happy with it.

Back to Ada, she turned 4, as you can see in a post below, and we had a Frozen party! A Frozen party on a 100 degree June day :) With it being summer and the characters in the movie trying to bring back summer I decided we’d do a Bringing back Summer in Arendelle theme, and I think it turned out to be a fun day! We made some snow slime, shot snowballs out of the trees with our water squirters, and thawed ice cubes full of jewels. As long as there are friends and sweets involved, Ada is pretty easy to please, so she was happy :) She is already talking about her 5th birthday!

 photo DSC_8298a.jpg

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