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I know not that many people keep blogs anymore…pretty much me included in that…but it makes me sad when I don’t take time to write about our lives somewhere. I have started a “daily journal” Google Doc of just documenting our daily lives…it’s not very exciting some days, but it is life and I want to remember it.  We have so much family and many close friends who are all over the country and seeing as how I don’t post a whole lot on social media I probably should at least let grandparents and great-grandparents (and anyone else who might be interested) know what we are up to and be able to see our kids grow when they aren’t around to see it daily. So, here I am, once again, recommitting to posting a little here and there on this beloved blog of ours!

So, here’s our latest outing…we went out to Folsom Lake between storms over the weekend. The lake is really low still, but so much higher than it was the last I saw it in November! So, that’s good news! Seagulls were everywhere and you couldn’t help but run through the crowds and watch them all take off and fly around you. I was trying so hard to resist the urge but definitely didn’t hold the kids back! As long as they weren’t being mean or trying to hurt them I loved watching the gulls in huge swarms, fly off!






Someone was a little tuckered out and fell asleep with a Frito in her mouth! Love it!



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