Valentine’s Week

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This week has been such lovely weather! I know we are in need of more rain…and hopefully we get more, but since we are having nice weather…I should probably enjoy it, right? We’ve been spending lots of time at the park, in the yard playing catch (prepping for Preston’s first season of BASEBALL!!!!) out in the hammock…and just enjoying the outdoors. I’m not really ready for it, but spring is pretty much starting here in our area. Lots of blossoms and lots of green everywhere. I’m realizing I seriously love spring and all the new growth and beauty…but I kind if feel like the end of January/beginning of February is a little too soon! This was the first time in my life I have missed snow. I can’t believe I just said that. Well, I will soak it in…even if i feel spring has come a little premature!

Here are some of the only pictures I took on Valentine’s day as well as a few other noteworthy things that went on this week:

Teh kids eating V-day breakfast…which I was trying to make a tasty treat/breakfast but in my opinion they weren’t that good! They were homemade pop tarts with Nutella inside. Maybe I skimped on the Nutella…but I guess they look cute? That’s all that REALLY matters :)





My in-laws got me an awesome  preparedness gift which we took outside to try out. This little stove is something we can bring camping but also use in case of an emergency…all it takes is a few sticks to get your pot all hot and cooking! We just made some hot chocolate but the kids had fun making it!


Ada tells me she will be a better cook than me when she grows up…i believe it!


Ada needed to get updated on immunizations and I told her she could pick any treat when she was done so she wanted a cookie sundae from Chick Fil-A. She was so excited to get shots…I kept telling her it was going to be fast but it was going to hurt…i didn’t want her to NOT know it was going to hurt! She kept thinking of her cookie sundae…and giggling before the nurse came in with the shots…I felt bad that she really didn’t understand that this wasn’t going to be fun, but she was super brave, there were a few tears but she was so happy go to Chick Fil-A afterward.


This week has been one of reminiscing. For awhile now i have been wondering where all my journals were that i kept as a youth and this week I found them in my parent’s attic! I was so happy to know where they were finally…because it has YEARS of my teen drama in them! Besides the journals I found many other gems from my teen and young adulthood…namely this amazing pink unitard. I had a dress up box in Utah and my roommates and I would dress up quite a bit. This was a key piece in several hilarious memories. My best friend/Roommate was going to be in town for Valentine’s day weekend and we set our hair appt’s to overlap and when i told her I found this she triple dog dared me (yeah, we are still a little stuck in 5th grade) to wear it to our appointment….


Who am I to turn down a triple dog dare like that?


So, pretty much, that’s it. We spent Valentine’s day night with some of our good friends and had dinner and decorated sugar cookies with the kids. A good end to a nice week!


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