Happy 1 year!

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So, today it has been one year since Christer and Cat got married…Happy Anniversary to you guys (and Happy birthday to Christer) and on Sunday it will be a year since Shaun and I got married. People always say that the first year is the hardest…well, if that was the hardest year then we are smooth sailing for the rest of our lives! Probably not, but that would be nice! This past year has been great! I have definitely learned a lot about myself and about Shaun, and i am sure he has learned more about me than he really ever wanted to know!! Oh well!!We have been very blessed thus far in our marriage and i know a lot of it is a result of trying our hardest to always do what is right. Paying our tithing all the time has resulted in us always being able to pay our bills somehow, keeping the sabbath day holy has also resulted in blessings we thought never before possible. We are in no way perfect, but we are trying so hard to be better each day and i know that by doing that, we are being blessed for our efforts! It is hard to walk by faith sometimes, but the Lord knows better than we do and it will all turn out in the end if we do what we know we should, even if we have no idea how we are going to do it. A way will be provided!
I wasn’t expecting to write a testimony on here today, but as i have reflected upon the last year, i honestly do not know how we would have made it all year without the hand of the Lord. I am grateful for my marriage and that we are sealed together for all eternity, i would not want it any other way!…and i got lucky…Shaun is AWESOME!

Well, i love you all and i hope you are doing well! Mom, thanks for coming out here and thanks for everything! It was SO nice to see you and be with you! I miss you a lot and I love you. And Mom Edwards, thank you for the card. I love you guys and i love being in your family! I seriously could not have asked for a better set of “in-laws!” You are wonderful!



more pics

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Hey, there are some new pictures in our webshot gallery…we went out with Ryan and Andrea and took some pictures at this cute little house! Anyway, if ya’ll want to take a gander..feel free! LOVE YOU!!



New Pictures…

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ok, so there are finally some new pictures of us hiking timp and a few at Shaun’s birthday…they are in the “Random 2006” album, although the public Shoebox says that it has new pictures…they arent in there! I love you guys!



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I suppose I never write on here for a couple reasons. First, Janelle usually updates it before I even think to and second because I really don’t have all that much to say. School has started again and so I am very busy and by the time I finish all my work for the day, the last thing that I want to do is think! I would rather sit and watch ESPN, but I know that isn’t Janelle’s favorite activity so I should probably cut back. Sometimes I think about ranting about politics, but it really gets me aggravated so I will refrain. Sports I would write about, but I am usually really upset about a game or really excited and so I don’t think to write. I will say however that BYU broke my heart last week against BC and Jason Beck needs to learn how to hold a snap for FG’s. Also, Oregon got really lucky with a very controversial call at the end of the Oklahoma game. Either way they are looking god this season and Dixon is turning into a very good quarterback. He had some bad passes last game but he is young and will keep improving with time.

Anyway, I love you if you are reading this–at least I think I do! Have a good day and God bless.




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Yay! Today is Shaun’s 25th birthday! He is a quarter of a century old! Crazy! We are having a bunch of family and friends over…so hopefully it is fun! We haven’t written on here for awhile! Last weekend Shaun and I hiked to the top of Mount Timpanogos. There were TONS of people on top! There were old people, young people…just all different types of people…which was pretty crazy. We went with Rob (who is now in the MTC going to Argentina) and his dad Steve Rowan. They are in our old ward. It was a nice hike…and the further we get from when we first hiked it, the more I think I might just do it again…someday! I’ll post pictures up soon!

My little sister, Kelsey, just moved out here and so that has been fun to have some of my family out here! Dad stayed with us last week and we were excited to have our own personal chef. It was nice having dinner ready when we got home each night :) thanks Pops!

Shaun and I have started school. It has been fun. I really like all of my classes and Shaun has some pretty good professors this semester. I just ran my timed mile and a half today in “fitness for Life.” I did it in 12:30…so next time we do it, I am going to try and beat that! I think I can do it…hopefully!

We went to the BYU game last Saturday…and it started out hot…then got cloudy…then started POURING and there was lots of lightning! But BYU WON!! That’s awesome! I think I like football a little bit more these days, even though I am sure Shaun thinks I hate it by now! Saturday, I think we watched at least parts of 4 games…I started dreaming about it that night!

Anyway, this is getting long, but we love you all and hope you are doing well! TAKE CARE!!



Hi Everyone!

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Hey! Its been awhile since i wrote an update! Well, i got back from girls camp last Saturday and it was great! I mean, i am very happy to be home and to be with my husband, but girls camp went smoothly! All of our meals turned out so we didnt starve and the girls warmed up to me, which i was afraid they wouldn’t, so that was great! I met a lot of great girls and leaders and i am going to be sad leaving our ward after all the time we have put in and all of the friends we are making! Oh well, we will be in our new ward for 2 years or so, we should be able to make some friends there too!!

We are getting ready to move out of our apartment. Although…we are not really sure what we are doing because apparently our contract ends a few days earlier than we had anticipated so we may be homeless for a few days, oh well!We are excited to move because we will have a great land lord, and hopefully some new neighbors who aren’t knocking on the door in the wee hours of the night! Man, she has caused me a lot of stress this past year…i want to tell the pour souls moving into our place to run…just run! I mean, this lady is a really nice lady a lot of the time…but the times she isnt…she REALLY isnt nice! Anyway, i will stop complaining about her…she has been normal lately and i have grown a lot from all of our trials with her!!

We are excited that the Strazzo clan is coming out for another crazy Wilson Family Reunion up at Aspen Grove. It should be fun having them all here for a week! It’ll be the same week we are moving though…so that should be eventful!

Anyway, i had better get back to work. Life is great right now and Shaun and I are excited to start school at the end of this month. Okay, i am excited to start school…i’m not so sure if Shaun is…but hey…we are beginning one more semester which is one more semester closer to graduation!

I love you all and i pray that you are doing well! Take care!



The cruise details

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Ok, so we left to LA on Thurday the 13th of July and we finally arrived at Lars’ about 10 hours later. He wined and dined us ordering some of the best pizza Valencia has to offer and then we ate desserts galore! Cheesecake Factory White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle…mmm…and Ben and Jerry’s…he spoiled us! We got to hang out with little Lars and Ross and found out that Ross had a girlfriend and hid it from his dad for a month or so…it was pretty funny…So after staying the night there we headed out through LA traffic (i am sure i have an ulcer from that) and got to the Port. Our ship was HUGE…or at least bigger than any one i have EVER been on! We got all checked on and then we were welcomed like royalty onto the ship. So we basically just went exploring and looked at the basketball court, pools, restaraunts, shops, etc. and then we grabbed our books and headed toward the top deck to relax and read…it was just a really relaxing trip.
We ate some lunch at the “Windjammer Cafe” and the boat took off. Later that night we ate dinner and we were assigned to a table with 2 other couples. Chris and Rachel and then 2 others ( i dont remember their names…or maybe i never knew?!) We ate with Chris and Rachel each night and then hung out with them a couple nights too. They were totally cool and they had just been married the week before. They have a little 2-year-old who we saw pictures of and she is just soooo cute!

We went to a few shows. One night it was a musical/dance performans and the next it was a comedy act. They were pretty good.

On saturday we were in Ensenada. We got off the ship and rode a shuttle into town and then just walked around all of the shops. It is so sad because there is so much poverty and the city is just so dirty! All the little kids follow you trying to get you to buy necklaces and gum…we felt really bad! there wasn’t a whole lot to do that didnt cost quite a bit so we only spent a little time there and then went back to the boat and layed around, went swimming, and read…and ate!

So pretty much i could say that we slept, read, and ate and that might sum up most of our trip :)

Well, i hope you are all having a great week…next week i go to girls camp! Hopefully i can get everything ready and together before tuesday!!




Cruise Pictures!

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Hey all! We are back in Provo again…back from our cruise! We have pictures on Webshots of our Mexican vacation as well as from the 4th of July and from the Scottish games in Payson. Our cruise was a lot of fun and very relaxing! I’ll write more about it later because i should be getting back to work! I love you all and my babe…i love you the most, you’re the best!



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Hey babe, hope you are having fun at work today. Love you the most and I can’t wait to see you tonight.



Viva Mexico!

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Tomorrow, the 13th of July, we head out for LA for a weekend of Sunburns and Tacos! Mexico here we come! we will be driving most of the day tomorrow and ending up in Valencia, CA where we will crash with Uncle Lars. THEN the next morning it is off to the World Cruise Terminal and we are in for a fun vacation!! Anyone want us to keep an eye out for some special something in Mexico? Let us know and we’ll be sure and make it happen! I have never been to mexico or really even to Southern California a whole lot so this I am pretty much so excited! I hope your weekend is fantastic and we will post some pictures of our wild Mexican adventure for you all to look at when we get back! LOVE YOU!

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