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This week is pretty crazy! We are preparing to move into Cooper and Alisha’s apartment. Althought it is a block and a half away, it is still pretty hectic! My family is also in town at a family reunion up at Aspen Grove. It is really beautiful up there! Some of the family members are a little “different” but oh well! Hmmm…what else? School starts for UVSC next week! I am excited to go back to school! Hopefully i get it finished! Shaun doesnt start until September 5th, so his break lasts a little longer.

Well, there is really nothing exciting going on besides the short few things i just talked about…so i think i will get back to working! Love you all!


Hi Everyone!

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Hey! Its been awhile since i wrote an update! Well, i got back from girls camp last Saturday and it was great! I mean, i am very happy to be home and to be with my husband, but girls camp went smoothly! All of our meals turned out so we didnt starve and the girls warmed up to me, which i was afraid they wouldn’t, so that was great! I met a lot of great girls and leaders and i am going to be sad leaving our ward after all the time we have put in and all of the friends we are making! Oh well, we will be in our new ward for 2 years or so, we should be able to make some friends there too!!

We are getting ready to move out of our apartment. Although…we are not really sure what we are doing because apparently our contract ends a few days earlier than we had anticipated so we may be homeless for a few days, oh well!We are excited to move because we will have a great land lord, and hopefully some new neighbors who aren’t knocking on the door in the wee hours of the night! Man, she has caused me a lot of stress this past year…i want to tell the pour souls moving into our place to run…just run! I mean, this lady is a really nice lady a lot of the time…but the times she isnt…she REALLY isnt nice! Anyway, i will stop complaining about her…she has been normal lately and i have grown a lot from all of our trials with her!!

We are excited that the Strazzo clan is coming out for another crazy Wilson Family Reunion up at Aspen Grove. It should be fun having them all here for a week! It’ll be the same week we are moving though…so that should be eventful!

Anyway, i had better get back to work. Life is great right now and Shaun and I are excited to start school at the end of this month. Okay, i am excited to start school…i’m not so sure if Shaun is…but hey…we are beginning one more semester which is one more semester closer to graduation!

I love you all and i pray that you are doing well! Take care!