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I need to document our Christmas with pictures but i have become kind of weird about how pictures on our blog are displayed…it really doesn’t matter at all but I like looking at a whole collage of photos and then I think of the time it will take me to do it and then i don’t want to put it together. So why do I even bother with it? I don’t know! Waste of time. But I still seem to care. That may be another reason my posts are so sporadic…so either I will stop caring and just put up the darn pictures or I will sacrifice a little time to put it all together. I should stop caring. But ANYWAY…let’s get to the point here.

January has FLOWN by. I mean, flown. Here are a few things that have happened:

– Shaun started his LAST first day of classes…if that makes sense…he started his last semester of school!!! May=GRADUATION.

– I had a birthday and turned older…28 now! WOW.

– I now have 4 to 6 weeks left of pregnancy! (Depending on my original due date, Feb 29…which my belly is measuring that size, or the due date they changed it to March 9…which is later and I don’t like to think I will last that long. I pray that I won’t!)

– Preston was able to visit his best buddies/cousins in San Jose with my mom for one weekend, and he kept counting down the days and was REALLY excited to have it be just him and his Nana…no mommy, daddy, or Ada. Such a big boy!

– Ada is talking more and more, it’s so cute. A few things we love are: “Mat-Maaaaaan”=Batman, “Boo-ba-game”= football game, though we are realizing this may also mean anything sports related, “Gup” with a nod=yes/yup.

I’m sure lots of other fun and exciting things have gone on around here…but then again, maybe not! I am feeling large and seem to hardly be able to move around. Bending down to pick things up, such a hassle. Just sitting up and breathing, getting harder. In and out of the car, making heaving noises. So, we don’t do a whole lot at this point, but hopefully life will return to normal in the next 6 months or so. We’ll see.

Here are a few pictures from a place nearby called Griffith’s Quarry. (And I didn’t even put them in a collage of any sort!) We took the kids and explored the old quarry a little bit. It’s a beautiful place…founded by Griffith Griffith…kind of funny.