17 weeks and counting…

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We just finished 17 weeks of pregnancy and are looking forward to knowing the gender our baby pretty soon here! We are way excited! What do you all think it will be? We have no clue. I have felt like it was a girl but now Shaun feels like it’s a boy, so really who knows at this point! And today has been a really cool day because I THINK…I am not totally sure, but I think I felt the baby moving!! It felt kind of like when your eye twitches but it was in my stomach and it was in the same place every time I felt it…from what other people have told me this sounds kind of like what it should feel like…Anyway, so maybe I did…I hope that’s what that was!! Yay!! I cant wait til baby is kicking my bladder and ribs :) Just kidding!

We go in for another doctor’s appointment this Friday. We don’t get the ultrasound yet but I think it will be on March 23 or March 30th. One of those Fridays! Woo Hoo! Then we can all start shopping!! Shaun and I did start diaper shopping however that turned out not so great!! A friend of ours just bought their baby all of these really inexpensive brand named diapers off the internet. He called and said his sister-in-law bought some too and it was a great deal so we went on and decided to purchase some for the first 7 or 8 months of life…well, turns out after we all ordered them, within the next few days someone went back and realized that the website didn’t exist anymore!! All those scammers!! We usually don’t buy things off sites we have never heard of but we thought we would give it a try. We learned from that one…we cancelled both of our ATM cards and notified the bank before they could get any of our money so that’s a relief!

Well, I am getting ready to leave work and go home! I love you all and hope life is treating you well! Take care!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Hey! I hope you all had a GREAT Valentine’s Day yesterday! We had fun…Shaun’s friend Brent finally got in from Chicago after 24+ hours of trying to fly out and all around to get here! poor guy…but he finally got here and we went on a double date with him and a girl they wored with named Kara. We went to Red Robin and enjoyed some of their Bottomless fries…so good (although not good for you!) By the time we were finshed there i REALLY began to look pregnant :) Then we went to the BYU basketball game against New Mexico. We were ahead the whole time by 10 or more points usually…so it was a good game because we won. After the game, i was getting SO tired! I get sleepy around 8, which i know Shaun loves (sorry babe!) so we went back to our apartment and i ended up falling asleep. I am sure the single people in the group were having a blast seeing how exciting we are when we get married, just kidding…Shaun is exciting, I am the boring on lately! So that was our Valentine’s Date! Shaun was so wonderful though…when i got home from work there were chocolate covered cinnamon bears and regular cinnamon bears, a rose, a little bamboo plant and a cute note on my bed…he is SO awesome and i don’t think i could have ever married better, seriously! I know he treats me well in front of you all and the great thing is, it isnt a show…he treats me even better when no one is looking! I LOVE YOU!

well, anyway, i am at work and so excited that i dont have to be back here for 4 days! That is great news! Shaun and the boys (Michael…whose wife is PREGNANT by the way[YAY!!!], Nick, and Brent) are still trying to figure out the plan for this weekends “Man Weekend.” One of the men really wanted to go north, where it is supposed to get over a foot of snow between now and tomorrow afternoon…and the rest wanted to go south where it is warm and they can go hiking. Well, the verdict is north as of right now but i am wondering what it will be tomorrow because our civic probably wont make it through the snow! Oh well, they will figure it out and I am sure we will write about it next week!

I hope you are all doing well and I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I’ll see the Sacramento crew tomorrow afternoon! WOO HOO! Take care!


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Hi!! Well, how is everyone doing? I hope GREAT! We have just been doing the usual…working and school and nothing more really. We went on a “date” last night and that turned out really well…right…we decided to go see a movie since i had received a gift card from work for my birthday. We went and saw “Pursuit of Happiness” and it was a pretty good movie, really sad most of the time, but very good. Except in the middle i had to run to the bathroom and get sick!!! And then in the car again later…DOES THIS EVER STOP?! Wow…so that turned out to be a lot of fun…I had been trying to lay off the nausia pills and apparently i still may need them! I am sure you all wanted to know about my vomit attacks but hey, thats the only thing pretty exciting that has happened :)

Anyway, so Shaun’s “Man Weekend” is coming up and he is pretty excited…even though the plans have been falling through and they really aren’t sure where they are going or what they are doing, i am sure they will find some way to entertain themselves! They are pretty good at that! Meanwhile, i get to go home to Citrus Heights and hang out with the fam so that should be fun! I am looking forward to going to Vick’s Supermarket and getting a sandwhich on dutch crunch bread…Shaun always thinks that sounds snooty, “Dutch Crunch” but man, if you ever taste it there is no going back!  I am also excited to see little Jackson! I haven’t been able to see him grow up…and he is so big now and SO CUTE! I hope he will like me by the end of the weekend…we’ll see!

My friend Brooke is coming over soon to do some 2nd Trimester yoga (yay!) so i had better clean up my messy kitchen and pick up the folded laundry in the front room…we can never seem to catch up! I love you all and cant wait to see the family in sacramento and can’t wait to go up to Kaysville for Dan’s birthday dinner…i always love being with family (especially when it deals with food!) I’ll see you all soon! Take Care!


Baby is Alive!

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So…this morning Shaun and I went to the doctor’s office and heard the heart beat of our little baby!! YAY! It was so fast…Shaun said it sounded like a dog barking J well, now we know the little guy…or girl…is alive! That’s great news! I have gained 6 pounds since my last visit, but now I weigh as much as I did before I got pregnant so I guess I can still pack on the ponds…haha, just kidding, hopefully I will only gain the 25-35 pounds you are supposed to gain. We’ll see! I didn’t realize that the baby was so low, it was just above my pubic bone, I kept imagining it swimming all up to my belly button…I am sure many of the things I thought pregnancy was will be proven totally wrong in the next 6 months! We get to find out what the baby is (boy/girl) either in the middle of March or the first week of April. 20 weeks falls between Dr’s appointments so I don’t know if they will just schedule a sonogram in the middle of the month or wait for the next appointment… oh well, I guess we will find out soon enough!

One thing that isn’t really exciting but I’ll mention it anyway…I applied to get my Associates Degree from UVSC and I had everything I needed so now I can put that on my resume! I get my diploma in a few weeks. Yay! Now, wherever I go I can have that and not need to do any general education classes, just start on my major…if I don’t finish my bachelors at UVSC which it is starting to look like I won’t! I don’t know where we will be after December…hopefully Shaun will find a job somewhere! He is great and treating me wonderfully…especially when I am pregnant. He lets me get my Veggie Delights from Subway whenever I want one J

Well, I hope you are all doing well! I am excited to come and visit Sacramento and to see everyone! I just hope there are no more stomach flu germs…I have become paranoid about getting sick!! Especially since I already feel sick most of the time anyway!

Ok, well…I hope you all have a great day! I love you all and take care!!