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Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then happy whatever-you-celebrate! If we don’t get to see you today, we love you and miss you. We hope you all have a wonderful day.


Baby’s Back!

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So there is a baby on the way again! This time I am definitely feelin’ it! Yikes! I have a tummy ache all day long practically! It is NO fun, especially since i have the next three days packed with finals and studying! Oh well! Hopefully this one stays with us, if it does, it should be here around the first week of August. YAY! Well, i will keep you all updated as to how everything is going! I love you all and take care!


Can’t Wait…

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It is only this week of classes and then next week are my FINALS!! Shaun’s aren’t until the week after that…but i cannot wait until these classes are OVER!! I really like some of them however, others have been a real struggle! May i suggest never taking an online or television course! It is one stressful ordeal! I have had many talks with Cat, she is taking two..or three…i cant remember…but several, and i don’t know how she is surviving! It has been stressful because i have so many other classes that i am worrying about that i forget that i have to sit down and watch like 6 hours of Anatomy and Physiology. Then, I end up waking up at 5 am to watch a few before work and then staying up late at night watching a few more to get all of them done before each deadline! I mean, it is definitely my own fault, but i should know myself better by now and know that the Tv/Online courses are not my Forte!

Anyway, this will all be done in two weeks and then it is off to California for a little vacation!! I cant wait to see everyone, I love you all and hope things are going well!!


Happy Birthday Mom!

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YAY! Today is mom Strazzo’s 29th birthday!! Hopefully she has a grrrreat day! I wish we could be there but we will be in Citrus Heights in 22 days and counting!

Well, last night I taught a Pilates class for some of the ladies in Relief society! I was so nervous…mostly i think it was because i thought i would be gasping while trying to show the moves and talking all at the same time! Luckily there were only 4 of us so it wasn’t really intimidating and i didn’t end up gasping for air while trying to talk so that was great! I had a lot of fun teaching and I would love to help ladies get fit! I noticed a huge change in my body from doing Pilates so i would love for others to notice that too and feel good about themselves!!

Tomorrow I am going for an interview for a “Mrs Fitness” program position. If i get it (which, with my school schedule next semester, i dont know if i will even be able to do it) i will go around to different elementary schools in the area and teach the kids about fitness and about being healthy to prevent childhood obesity! What a cool job that would be! I would only have to work a few hours a week and i would make more doing that than i am working 30 hours right now!! Well, we will see what happens with that! It would be nice, i just dont know how i could re-arrange my school schedule. Oh Well!!
Well, i love you all and hope life is going well for you!