Another blogging dry spell

4:03 pm by Janelle. Filed under: News

Wow…when is the last time I was here? You may be wondering the same thing…you may not…who knows. I do have reasons. I promise.

Everything I look at, really, makes me want to throw up lately. Even the computer…and even my camera! Oh, to think of opening Photoshop sometimes, I really have a hard time. Nausiating.

I am exhausted…from sitting around all day in my jammies. Please don’t ask when I showered last…sick I know.

Taco Bell nachos have been a staple the past few weeks. That sticky, salty, nasty cheese…mmmmmmm.

Are things adding up? It’s true. I am pregnant. Having baby #2 in June 2010. I am barely pregnant, but sick, so I hope that’s a good sign “it” will stay in there. Thank goodness for modern medicine or I may have been flat on my back, at the toilet 10+ times a day, and in the hospital this time around…but thankfully I hit that all-day sickness before it got me…though I still don’t feel great, at all. I’m not throwing up, HOORAY!

I figured many people already know…so why not announce it here on the blog…so people I know (and I am sure many who I don’t) will now know. We’re havin’ a BABY! YAY, let’s start the count down!