Dancing Machine

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Preston choreographed this the other day for you all …



Allergies and Bad Doctors

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I don’t know how parents manage. Preston has been here with us almost 10 months and I get SO worried and stressed about the smallest ailments! He started coughing a week or so ago and it got to the point where he would cough so hard he would throw up! So I took him in to the doctor and we have a wretched doctor by the way…I walk into his office and its a sickly pale pink and covered in bears.  That alone makes me ill. This is the third time I have gone in there and I think altogether I have seen him for 4 minutes, tops.  This time he comes into the room and I say, “hi! How are you?” No answer. Okay… then I say, “he has been coughing and gagging a lot and has a runny nose; it may be allergies but I don’t know.” The doctor says, “I’m sorry, what did you say?” I repeat myself. He comes over looks in Preston’s ears and mouth then listens to his heart and lungs. And here is his response, “Well, it is probably allergies because it doesn’t look like he has a cold. You can just keep him inside because you can’t do much else at this age. Ok? Goodbye.” And he walks out…doesn’t ask if I have any questions, nothing. He was in there for about 90 seconds. I want to cry every time I leave that place. I could have saved my time and my breath by assuming it was allergies…and I am sure I could find better advice from a Google search than from my doctor. What a sad world we live in. We are working on finding a new doctor, but Preston is on Medi-cal so you usually get the bottom of the barrel, again, sad world. If anyone has any suggestions of great pediatricians in the area let us know! Maybe we’ll just pay out of pocket or something. Just thought I would vent a little about my horrible Doctor and our twisted government health care.


Folsom Run with Nature

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Today Kelsey and I ran a 10K in Folsom. I was planning on running the 5K then yesterday Kelsey decided to run with me and we thought, “We can totally finish a 10K, let’s do it!” Luckily today was supposed to be a record high and the hottest day this year…great. That made running a joy. It was hot and water stations were spaced out just a little bit farther than I had hoped. Oh well, we finished with Preston and Shaun cheering us on. I was probably a sight crossing the finish line…but that’s ok at least we finished and didn’t have to be picked up by the paramedics roaming the trails though there were several points where I thought I might. Here we are afterwards.
May 2008 022


Cabs and Trains

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The only time I really have a routine is in the morning. After about 9:00 whatever comes up is what I do, but my early mornings are pretty predictable. I wake up every day to eat breakfast…well, nowadays it’s to get Preston, but I love to eat breakfast! So I get up, grab Preston, and go downstairs to fix myself a bowl of cereal and then I turn on my new favorite show. Cash Cab. I seriously LOVE it…and I want to go to New York just to ride in cabs and find Ben Bailey. I think I love it because he pulls up as a regular cab driver and after the people get in he turns on these crazy lights and says, “You’re in the Cash Cab. It’s a TV game show that takes place right here in my taxi!” Then these people who get in distracted by life, barely paying attention to the cab driver are all the sudden excited and by the end of the ride most of them are laughing and high fiving. PLUS most of them (if they don’t get three strikes and kicked out) win money instead of paying the cab fare they were expecting…who doesn’t like winning a little cash? Anyway, I love it.

Aside from Cash Cab, Preston and I do get out and do other things sometimes. Yesterday we went to the Folsom City Hall where Shaun works. Right next to it is the zoo, library, and this cute miniature train. I have been meaning to go and take Preston on the train…not like he is really old enough to realize what is going on…but yesterday he got to ride on it! Here is Preston riding the train. It’s not the most exciting video…he didn’t really know what to think, but its cute.

train folsom.mov


Heart Warming and Heart Breaking

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My handsome husband and his great friend Cooper started up a sports blog (2 Man Weave). They are both obsessed with sports…I mean, what better excuse to watch every NBA playoff game. He needs to write about it so he needs to watch it :) I am glad he has something he is passionate about. Recently, as the NBA Playoffs have unfolded, there was an 8-year-old fan whose dying wish was to attend a Hornets game and watch Chris Paul play. He died just before he was able to attend the game. Cooper posted a blog about it that I thought was great. I would recommend reading it. The story just breaks my heart, but gives me hope to know that all of the athletes who will most likely be role models for my boys, aren’t all animal-abusing, growth-hormone injecting, armed robbers. There are quite a few who are just good guys.


The Fruits (and vegetables) of my Labor

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Something I have always wanted to do is plant a garden. As we are staying at my parents home still, I now have more than a slab of cement for a back yard! I decided to plant a garden this year and it is amazing how things really do grow! There were a few plants we got from the store that were already started and others that I planted as seeds. I was sure that the seeds wouldn’t sprout, but sure enough I have a zillion cilantro, radish, and basil plants. I probably should thin them out… We also planted 13 tomato plants…what were we thinking? Who eats that many tomatoes? Maybe dad will have to make his world famous (or at least ward famous…family famous…friend famous..etc) salsa. A lot of it.

I am sure you are all really interested in seeing all my vegetables and herbs so I guess I’ll show them off :)

garden2008 012

My Cilantro

garden2008 013


garden2008 015

Radishes…need to be thinned.

garden2008 016

My biggest corn stalk…

garden2008 018


garden2008 006edited

And my favorite men watching me water the plants.

Preston comes out in the backpack every morning to help me water the plants…though all he really does is pull my hair, whack my head, and scratch my ears…we get in some real quality time :)


What a Life

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I have been meaning to post some pictures for awhile now but I just can’t find the time…do you ever wonder where your day went? Often, I wonder that. Lately Shaun and I have been working on some home improvement projects for my parents while they are in Hawaii. That is where a lot of my time has gone. I wish I had taken before and after pictures…I have definitely felt like I’m on some HGTV show.
April 2008 128
As Preston is getting more and more active I have realized what moms mean when they say that as they clean one thing up something else becomes a mess. I was trying to clean our room the other day. While I was folding laundry, Preston took ALL of Shaun’s shoes off of their rack. Then while cleaning that up he started taking all of my clothes out of the drawers and dirty clothes hamper. And then as I replaced those, I turned around to see the freshly folded laundry being demolished. What a good helper :)

I have also noticed that there are a few things that he knows he isn’t supposed to do. For example, banging on the TV. My parents TV is low enough that he can reach it so he’ll stand and prop himself up against it. When he hears me say, “Preston….” He will turn around, smile, then lift his miniature hand to bang on the screen. When I run up behind him and grab him he just laughs. He thinks it’s the funniest game. The more stern I look and talk to him, the funnier it is!!!! It’s hard not to laugh.

Kids are great. I would recommend them.