Getting old :(

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It’s true…my baby is getting so old, so fast. She has turned into such a sweetheart! I brushed off enough of my kitchen floor to snap a few photos of my girl.

We aren’t up to too much lately, just Shaun getting back into school and me getting back into be a single mom again :) Not really, though some days it seems that way! I hope you all have a great weekend. The weather is amazing here so hopefully we will get out and enjoy ourselves!



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I have been meaning to take some pictures of Preston since he is now a big three year old…I got a bunch of this:


He was grumpy at first and ticked that I made him put on a sweater…then he warmed up but still, I think he despises this camera of mine. I’ll post some of them later without the finger in the nose!

Since picture taking was pretty unsuccessful we decided to just play in the “yard.”



Such a boring post…I’m sorry!