The goings on at our house

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We’ve been experiencing some lovely weather out here…but it’s kind of scary because we aren’t getting a whole lot of rain…which isn’t good for our water supply! So hopefully we get more rain soon! (I never thought I would say that.) But since it is sunny and nice we have been trying to take advantage of it. The Sacramento temple grounds are so pretty and there is a BIG grassy/tree-filled area…so yesterday we went up so Preston could run around in the oak trees. He loved it. I’ll have to get a video up here of his run…it’s a lot more up and down motion than forward…so we hope he grows out of it…it’s pretty funny.


In the picture above…the temple granite doesn’t look reflective until you look at it from another angle…then it’s almost like a mirror.




Earlier this month I took some pictures of my brother and sister-in-law and their two little boys. We went to a neat place right off a main road…but you wouldn’t even know there were cars right next to this place! I know I posted a few (uhh…or more than a few!) on my other blog…but here’s one that when it came off the camera I thought, “Ok, Terrible. Not as good as I had envisioned.” Here it is, straight off the camera.

Tim and jami_0229

But I think I am now pleasantly surprised…It came out nice and fun.



I’ve had a birthday shout HOOORAY!

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Yesterday I turned 25!! WOW. You know when you’re a kid and you imagine yourself 25…30…40? I had these visions of what I would be like. I thought I would feel older…have a perfectly put together life…so mature…and so on. Well, I don’t feel old, my life is pure madness sometimes, definitely more mature than I was 5 years ago…but still not feeling like an “adult.” I am sure when 40 comes around I’ll feel just the same way…like the numbers are getting bigger and my body might be looking 40…but in my head I’ll think, “wasn’t I just 19 the other day?”

There is nothing we can do about getting older, so let’s just embrace it! Cheers to wrinkles (which I’m already getting!) sunspots (oh, and I have a few of those too), and wiry gray hairs (none that I know of…)! And CHEERS to this AMAZING work of art…literally…my sister-in-law made me this cupcake masterpiece. Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


If you need a cake. Get a hold of this girl! And if you don’t need a cake, go look at her website anyway. She’s awesome! www.cakesbyjami.com


A Day at the Museum

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For Martin Luther King Day we went to Old Sacramento to the train museum. I hadn’t been there…probably since a field trip in elementary school! So, it’s been awhile! Well, Preston LOVED it! He ran around talking (mostly gibberish) the whole time like he knew what everything was. He climbed on trains, picked up phones, pressed buttons, ate fish…and a whole bunch of other things. He loved getting out of the house and loves playing with cousin Jackson and pointing at Nolan…since he isn’t mobile quite yet…but soon enough!








And after a long day, he was out before we even left the parking lot!



Chickens and Butterflies

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Yesterday Jami and I made these cupcakes! They were easy and hard…hard because the chocolate hardens fast and it takes a little while to figure it out…but then it was easy to make these pretty butterflies. You just draw a pattern for 2 wings. Microwave the chocolates in two open Ziploc bags until melted. Squeeze out air and seal the bags. Cut a small hole out of one corner. Place your pattern under the wax paper and squeeze the chocolate along the pattern and fill it in…then we put a few sprinkles so they kind of looked like monarchs…Anyway, they look really pretty when all together!

And today, while driving down the road Preston and i stopped at a little park where there are always a TON of chickens and roosters! I thought he’d be scared of them but he wanted down as soon as he saw them…I tried to make sure he was nice to them!





Playing in the yard

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Here’s us. Playing out front, with Preston, as usual, not paying any attention to the camera. We have had some AMAZING weather out here. T-shirts and bare feet in January…mmm I love it!

Since Preston usually colors on anything BUT the paper I give him, I got him a piece of poster board. He loves it…and I attempted drawing Mickey and the gang on it so now he carries this massive poster all over!









Playing with rocks, sticks, dirty things…



Sunday Walks

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Our church starts earlier in the day now so we get out a lot earlier and we are loving it! we were able to get out and take a walk on Sunday…we drove around until we found a park neither of us had been to. It had trails all over and so we let Preston loose and I think he had fun. I was attempting some creative pictures…but they didn’t necessarily come out how I had hoped…but they are kind of fun I guess?




Also, this weekend “Uncle” Michael came out from Colorado to visit. Preston had fun with him…he was a little leery at first but warmed right up :) Michael and Shaun are working on some long distance relays they are putting on this summer…one in Utah and one in Oregon. Check out their website if you have a minute and if you’ll be in the area during one of the races, or are willing to travel, find a team and do one!! I’ve never done one but i think it would be an awesome experience! If anyone wants to join my team…let me know!! Here’s the site: www.epicrelays.com


Oh Deary…

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This is one of those days I feel like a stellar mom…my child got a hold of an ash-covered fire-pokey thing and was sucking on it through the house…and I had no idea. Oh dear.