Markers and Mile Markers

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march2008 013

Why is it that babies explore the world with their mouths? We had our first experience with Preston getting a hold of markers…well, more like a poster board with marker on it. Shaun and I were both in the family room with him and both doing our own thing. Preston was in between us and when I thought for a minute, “hmm…what is Preston up to?” I looked down and there he was. Poster board in his mouth and marker ALL over his face. We were both RIGHT next to him yet neither of us realized he had been gnawing on the lovely chore chart I started. Luckily Crayola makes those suckers non-toxic!! The picture doesn’t quite capture what a mess he truly was.

march2008 012

This morning we woke up early and went to the stake center for the 2nd annual Citrus Heights Stake 5K!! Fun. My dad and I ran it while Shaun and Preston waited at the finish for us. I was shooting for 10 minute miles so that I wouldn’t be disappointed in my time, but I pushed and ended up finishing in 24:21…so much better than I had thought I would do! I was excited. Poor dad pulled his calf at the 2 mile mark and had to limp all the way back. Before that he was doing 7 minute miles…we are pretty sure he doesn’t realize he is 54!! I used to call him the “get-in-shape-dad” when I was a kid, and he still is. I think that is where I get my love for exercise, thanks pops!!

As we were running, Kelsey stood in line for hours at the Folsom Auto Mall to audition for “Deal or No Deal.” She made it to the second round and now she’s waiting to be interviewed again!! Good luck Kels!

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A Beautiful Day!

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What am I doing inside on the computer? It is in the mid 60’s, the sun is out, birds are chirping…yeah ,I really don’t know what I am doing in here! Oh well. Preston is enjoying himself while sitting in his extreme exer-saucer toy and I am hesitant to go over and get him though I know I need to. I have watched him several times turn slightly red while a half grin spread across his face…his “I’m pooping” grin. I know what I am in for once I walk over there…plus the fact that he has been bouncing up and down in that thing after each push…he seems perfectly content though, jabbering and squeaking while sitting in his own filth. I’ll grab him in a minute.

Valentines day is coming up. Is anyone doing anything fun and exciting? We decided last week that we would go up to Portland for the weekend so we’ll spend Valentines Day in the airport…but we are going on a fun trip! I am excited to go up there…we haven’t been back since we were married! This should be a nice little vacation for us.

I get to teach the Laurels tomorrow and the lesson is on preparing to be an eternal companion. I remember being that age and feeling like marriage was so far away and that all this information was great but not applicable to me yet. I hope I can say something that will help them realize that marriage and a family are not as far away as they seem and that you don’t become a whole new person after you walk out of the temple holding hands. I don’t think I consciously thought that I would be different but I know in my head I pictured myself different as a married woman. So much more mature and grown up. But I was still messy and didn’t know much about bills and insurance, taxes or cooking. I am excited to teach tomorrow and hopefully they will get something from the lesson!

Poor Preston is probably rotting over there. I’m going to get him.


Obvious Fan

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1 january 2008 031

Some friends of ours gave Preston this University of Utah shirt for Christmas because we gave them some BYU apparel awhile back. Shaun said he would never put his son in it because he dislikes the U that much…well, I thought it was a cute shirt so I put it on all the time. But from this picture you can tell that Preston feels just as strongly about the U of U as his dad does… I was CRACKING up. Priceless picture.


Sorry…It’s been awhile

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I know, I know…you have all been checking our blog every single day wondering when we are going to post something. Many of you live each day wondering what is going on in the lives of Shaun and Janelle…okay, probably not…but it really has been quite some time since I wrote on our blog!! I was quite the addict when we lived in Utah. Maybe because our apartment was small and I was either in the bedroom or in the front room by the computer so it was easier to surf the web…I don’t know. Anyhow, we made it to California and many will be jealous to hear that it is going to be almost 60 degrees this week and sunny. Oh, what a great feeling that is! Shaun was supposed to start his job last Monday but there was a massive, crazy storm when we got here so the police department was busy dealing with the chaos of fallen trees and downed power lines so they couldn’t get his finger prints and background check done. They didn’t want so hoodlum working for them so they postponed his first day until tomorrow. He was able to go out to lunch with the city manager this week and get a tour of the office. Shaun even gets his own cubicle! How fun. His first project begins tomorrow and he will be meeting with a committee to discuss how to fix a parking situation in down town Folsom which is apparently ugly. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Preston has made some huge strides (not literally…) He had been getting up on his hands and knees but mostly just scooting backwards or staying in the same spot. Today we held a toy out in front of him a few feet away and he would get onto his hands and knees, start rocking back and forth, and eventually heave himself forward as many times as he needed to, to get where he wanted!! I seriously think he will be crawling soon! We tried to get a video of him doing this heave-ho thing but once the camera came out he all of the sudden became so interested in everything else EXCEPT his new trick, so we’ll work on getting that documented so all can share these crazy fun times :)

My sister, Kelsey, and I have started training for a half marathon which we are planning on running in April. I am not as out of shape as I thought I would be but she is still running me into the ground!! In the end this will all be worth it, I have to keep telling myself.

We are doing well here so far and miss our family and friends in Utah! We hope you are all doing well! Exciting adventures are in store and I’ll be sure and write every step of the way. LOVE YOU ALL!


Professor Edwards

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100_0644We have this bow tie that my little brother wore when he was a baby. I finally dug it out this Sunday and put it on Preston. He looked SO adorable… unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it too much so we relieved him of the bow tie after the pictures, but at least we got a picture out of it!! We’ll try again when he is a little older!