My Baby

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Our Easter

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Hope you had a great day!















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Empire Mine

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For quite some time i have wanted to visit Empire Mine. I have been there before, but it has been awhile. My ancestors worked there when they settled in Grass Valley, CA…plus it’s BEAUTIFUL…so I wanted to visit. My hair girl…(hair dresser?) wanted to take pictures of her little girl and she was willing to drive so we went up there. Amazing! I wish I took more pictures of the grounds…oh well! Here are a few I snapped of Shaun and Preston…and a few other random ones.

Here we are waiting for the park to open…

_DSC0004 (2)

And Shaun waiting…with his amazing mustache. It’s gone now…but doesn’t he look handsome? ‘Stache and all :)


We took pictures of this little girl in the window sill and Preston wanted to get up there SO bad…he was pretty excited when he got his turn.


Here’s a family photo at the home of the mine owner (No one lives in it now…)


And Preston and I down in the mine.


It was a fun and very relaxing place to visit. If you are in Grass Valley, go!


I need a vacation…

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Have you ever had a vacation…and when you get home, you feel like you need to take a vacation from the vacation you just had? I feel that way! We took a trip to Utah and then as we were just getting back and I was finishing laundry and unpacking from that trip, we headed up to Oregon. I thought to myself, “Fun! Every day will be a play date for Preston; he’s going to have a blast!” Hmm…every time someone got near him he would make this “aaaAAAhhh, get away from me!” squeal…like they were going to steal his toy (which was probably theirs anyway…) he woke up every night and we didn’t want to wake the family we were staying with so I’d bring him to our bed and he would THRASH the whole night, several of the time-outs (and there were many) he wouldn’t stay where you put him and then would laugh and say, “FUNNY!” The list goes on. All I could think was, “Who is this kid? I don’t even know what happened to my son?!” As soon as we got back he was his happy self…I need to get him around other kids more often I guess… Other than dragging around this crazy kid, it was fun and we got to see a lot of people we love! Maybe next time Preston will be nicer :) Here is a look at the week…

Preston with his great aunt and uncle and some cousins…


He felt so cool sitting on top of the car with the guys.


We stopped at a place called Rice Hill and went to a crummy looking drive in where Shaun’s family used to get ice cream when they took trips to Medford. I first saw it and wondered if it was sanitary, but it seems those kind of places always have the best food! This place had HUGE cones with amazing ice cream. I made Shaun stop on the way home too.


Playing at the park with Jenelle.


Preston in one of his MANY time-outs.


Playing with the toys he disliked sharing…


In someones backyard, right on Lake Oswego.