Last month…

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I meant to post these AWHILE ago…I think they are from February? But here are a few things we like to do when bored.

#1- make lots of bubbles and play in the sink. I can get dinner done and Preston is right there next to me, not picking his nose until it bleeds, eating his scabs, making new scabs, or pulling down his poop-filled pull-ups. (Yes, he has done all of those recently.)

Starts out like this:


Usually (Okay, always) ends up like this:



#2-Playing in the rain, though we haven’t had much lately…which is pretty nice!


Other than that, pregnancy is going well…I am almost 30 weeks!! What? really? That’s crazy. I feel good…except for the aches and pains of having a small child lodged in your rib cage…otherwise, great! This little girl will be here before we know it!

Shaun is on spring break and that is just wonderful! Though he can’t escape the homework all week we have at least been able to get out and take walks, go to the park, bike rides (which I’m a real sight on the bike at this point…) I hope you are all having a great week!



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Shaun hometeaching…


Thank you Brother Mahoney.