Utah: The Party…Part I

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Yes, we partied. ALL of the Edwards cousins (there are 9 right now) were there and we moms took the kids out all over…Bridal Veil Falls, J-dawgs, Antelope Island, Kangaroo Zoo…It just seemed there was always something going on, someone to play with, something good to eat…it was such a fun trip! We also did fun things with the rest of the family too…crab pot for Father’s Day dinner, walks, trampoline ¬†park, games, puzzles, stories…it even snowed on the mountains one of the days we were there! I was not prepared for cold weather but it was a nice change from 100 degree weather!

And I am tired so I will only put up our Father’s Day and trip to Provo. I really wanted to visit Provo and reminisce :) So I tried to stop at as many places as I could…but eventually we ran out of steam and just wanted to get home!

Jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline:

 photo ab1-1.jpg

 photo ab3-1.jpg

 photo ab2-1.jpg

 photo ab4-1.jpg

 photo ab5-1.jpg

 photo ab6-1.jpg

Bridalveil Falls

 photo ab7-1.jpg

 photo ab8-1.jpg

 photo ab9-1.jpg

 photo ab10.jpg

 photo ab11.jpg

 photo ab12.jpg

 photo a-4.jpg

 photo ab13.jpg

 photo ab15.jpg

Creamery on 9th…it would be a sin to come to Provo and not get German Chocolate Crunch.

 photo ab16.jpg

 photo ab17.jpg

I love the Provo Temple!

 photo ab18.jpg

 photo ab19.jpg

 photo ab21.jpg

 photo ab22.jpg


Utah: The Drive

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Wow…just realized how many typos were in this thing…oops. Fixed now…hopefully!

At the beginning of the summer I looked at my calendar and realized that there was pretty much one week out of the whole summer where I didn’t have some sort of photo event or other thing going on and it was the same week Shaun was supposed to be at scout camp so I decided I would hop in the car and head out to Utah. This was the first time I had attempted this by myself so I was a little nervous. When we usually go to Utah we just want the drive over so we stop as few times as possible but this time I figured I could go at my own pace and we made lots of stops! I tried to stop at most view points and vistas and also at rest stops or parks…and I really think the trip was more enjoyable! It did end up taking about 2 hours longer!!! But oh well..joy in the journey right? :)

Here are some pictures from our drive:

View point at Donner Lake:
 photo ut1.jpg

I asked someone if they could take a picture for us…the lake looks really nice :)

 photo ut2.jpg

 photo ut3.jpg

Someone lost his second front tooth before we left! No more snaggle-tooth! YAY!

 photo ut4.jpg

 photo ut5.jpg

Another view point outside of Sparks, NV…not sure what we were supposed to be looking at…at the bottom was someone’s house and a bunch of old tires.

 photo ut7.jpg

 photo ut6.jpg

Stopping to clean up barf…the sky was really pretty though (and yes, I am stopped…not snapping pictures while driving…just in case anyone was wondering…)

 photo ut8.jpg

Dallin looking happy after not being covered in barf. I am pretty sure he just gagged himself with his hand. (again, not actually driving here)

 photo ut9.jpg

A park in Battle Mountain:

 photo ut10.jpg

An awesome park in Wendover full of lots of old toys…who misses the merry-go-round?!

 photo ut11.jpg

 photo ut12.jpg

 photo ut13.jpg

 photo ut14.jpg

Playing in the salt flats:

 photo ut15.jpg

 photo ut16.jpg

 photo DSC_8531.jpg

 photo ut17.jpg

And then we ended up at grandma and grandpa’s!! Everything went well and we were safe…such a blessing!


Ada’s Birthday!

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I know this was last month…but we are only a couple days into July so last month wasn’t all that long ago! Plus, I kind of want to go in order so if I ever make another blog book I don’t confuse myself! I did make a blog book through Blurb last year and it comprised 3 or 4 years so it got pretty thick…but I love it! I think Blurb did a great job printing the photos and binding the book! I was pretty happy with it.

Back to Ada, she turned 4, as you can see in a post below, and we had a Frozen party! A Frozen party on a 100 degree June day :)¬†With it being summer and the characters in the movie trying to bring back summer I decided we’d do a Bringing back Summer in Arendelle theme, and I think it turned out to be a fun day! We made some snow slime, shot snowballs out of the trees with our water squirters, and thawed ice cubes full of jewels. As long as there are friends and sweets involved, Ada is pretty easy to please, so she was happy :) She is already talking about her 5th birthday!

 photo DSC_8298a.jpg

 photo DSC_8301a.jpg

 photo DSC_8317.jpg

 photo DSC_8320.jpg

 photo DSC_8326.jpg

 photo DSC_8328.jpg

 photo DSC_8331.jpg

 photo DSC_8336.jpg

 photo DSC_8337.jpg

 photo DSC_8341.jpg

 photo DSC_8350.jpg

 photo DSC_8354.jpg

 photo DSC_8346.jpg

 photo DSC_8344.jpg