Birthday “Parlity”

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Yesterday we had a little family party for my dad and for Preston. This time around Preston got a little bit more adventurous and took a few bites of cupcake without coaxing…but he still wasn’t sold on them. I guess that’s a good thing.

The other day he was playing with a plastic pitcher and he fell right on the edge of it with his nose! It hit the bottom of the pitcher then slid all the way to his eyebrows, bruising it all the way up. So he has had a bruised and swollen nose for a few days…right when we were going to take 1-year-old photos…perfect. I am just glad there were no bloody lips or anything like that. So if you are wondering why it may look like he always has food on his face, he probably does :) but it may look worse with the bashed up beak!


Playing with daddy in his new Radio Flyer party wagon with seat belts, cup holders and all


getting ready to blow out a candle


grandpa blowing out his candles


my artistic attempt of the night.


no hands


He made this face with every present. He looked so surprised and excited every time.


sitting with Jackson, great grandma and grandpa Strazzo.


Growing up

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preston fredrick 007

Happy Birthday Preston!

July2008 083

One year later he isn’t our little peanut anymore…he is a mischievous one-year-old who is already throwing tantrums. We love you kid!


Happy Birthday Pop

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First of all…SHOUT OUT to my dad who turns 54 years old today!! No one can tell by looking at him and listening to what he likes to do, that he is that many years old! We love you dad and can’t wait to eat some Tillamook ice cream with your homemade hot fudge tonight…not for selfish purposes…for your birthday, of course…

Also, last year on my dad’s birthday do you know what he spent it doing? Driving across Nevada!! My parents had just driven back to California from bringing my little brother, Tyler, to the MTC in Provo on the 25th of July…Then the 29th I called them and announced, “I think I am in Labor?” So the birthday boy left his celebration to drive 10 hours and they both got to the hospital just before Preston was born at 3:12am …This all means that TOMORROW, my boy turns 1 year old! WOW, we can’t believe he is one…when people say that times flies, they aren’t kidding. It feels like forever, but then it fells like yesterday that he was just a wee tiny baby. How weird. Here are some pictures from his pre-birthday celebration with Shaun’s family!

July2008 050

Everyone with their party hats on!

July2008 051

Blowing out his first candle…he didn’t really get the blowing part.

July2008 054

First taste of frosting and Funfetti cake!

July2008 061

Playing with grandma…he’s totally an athlete…I mean, check out that muscular back… :)

We had fun visiting with Shaun’s family! We went out to Utah for a Wilson family reunion (my mom’s side) at Aspen Grove, and were able to see the Edwards’ too! Aspen Grove is seriously SO beautiful. That is one of the things I miss about Utah, the amazing mountains and having places like Aspen Grove and Sundance only a few minutes away! There was a lot to do up there, though I found myself enjoying the food and napping quite a bit…how lazy am I? Oh well, Preston got really good at walking because there was so much space for him to just run around. Here are a few pictures (many of our pictures were ruined because of our memory card getting damaged :( sad. so there aren’t a whole lot of the vacation!)

July2008 063

Preston doing what he does best. Spitting.

July2008 014

Playing with Dad in the bottom of a big ship

July2008 020

He loves pointing.

Sorry there aren’t more pictures of all the fun things we did, there are however, a few in “Our Photos” that aren’t up on here…for family, who might be a little more interested than your average blog-hopper.



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Every year for 2 weeks during the summer my dad’s side of the family rents a cabin in Tahoe. Shaun and I decided to go up for the day and hang out yesterday and even with the smoky air, it was still beautiful!! The water is so amazingly clear and it was actually not as icy as I thought it might be. I was expecting a Bear Grylls experience…like when he jumps into a hole in the ice (usually naked) and then gets the heck out and starts doing jumping jacks and sprints to a fire…but it was actually really nice! I swam out with my cousins to this massive floating donut that my aunt brought up. We had fun and got burnt, i missed a small spot under Preston’s eye when applying sunscreen and he looks so pathetic today! We thought he had the beginnings of a black eye, but it turns out I just missed a small strip under his eye. I’ll do better next time! What is a post without pictures? So here they are!


Preston hangin’ on the beach with his pops


Playing with Camille


Don’t we look lovely…


One of my stinking adorable cousins, Carter


Playing on the huge floaty


Wearing Grandpa’s work hat


Preston chillin’ at the end of the day, showing off his goofy little teeth!!


The Wedding

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It’s official. Kelsey and Glen are Married. It was a crazy day, and we are all still recuperating but everything turned out great and everyone had a great time. We pretty much had to kick people out at the end of the night otherwise I think they would have just hung out in the Taylor’s beautiful backyard all night. The smoke cleared up and the weather was not as hot as the weatherman had predicted…thankfully! Kelsey looked beautiful and Glen looked quite handsome with his green tie that matched Kelsey’s green shoes perfectly. Thanks to all who helped, I know it meant A LOT to my parents! Here are some pictures from the big event.


Preston with dad outside the Sacramento Temple


The newlyweds


Tim and Shaun being weirdos…


Preston helping set up with his do-rag


The tables


Preston with Aunt Kelsey


The beautiful cake by Jami!


Us, tired.


Happy Belated 4th

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The last post, though not many words were written, was an exciting post and I haven’t had much going on to top it. However, I am being bugged to post something since it has been awhile. Don’t you secretly get annoyed when you are bored and looking through your family and friends’ blogs and they haven’t posted anything in ages? Oh, I don’t either…

Well, happy 4th of July to you all! I hope it was a great one! I felt kind of bad watching plumes of smoke billow into the air while lighting fireworks since the air here in California is already smoke-filled because the state is burning up! Oh well, it isn’t independence day without burning something. We kind of drug out our celebration over a few days. Thursday our little fam headed up to Grass Valley to hike the Independence Trail (how appropriate.) We got out the 1982 baby backpack and headed out. Except for the smoky air up there, it was beautiful! Usually there are newts in the creek, but I think it may have been too hot because we couldn’t find any :( Oh well, maybe next year. Preston also got to see great grandma and grandpa Wilson and Aunt Kelley who live in Colfax. Fun day, lots of driving!

Friday we had a family BBQ and enjoyed watching the neighbors light off fireworks. It’s a lot nicer watching someone else burn their money :) ok, ok, we did contribute a few ground flowers and sparklers to the show…Preston liked watching the fireworks but didn’t like the noises! He was like a baby monkey clinging on for dear life. Poor kid.

Then on Saturday was the annual Strazzo family BBQ. So we got to celebrate all weekend long. Here are some pictures of our weekend. Enjoy.

4th of July 005color

Hiking buddies.

4th of July 018

Hiking in the old mining flumes

4th of July 080

Trying to get all the kiddos in a line. Didn’t work.

Jackson, Preston, Emerson, Jamison, and Preston.

4th of July 082

Preston’s scared firework face.

4th of July 087

Jackson playing with fire :)

4th of July 104

Digging his claws into dad.

4th of July 118

Swimming in Uncle Mike’s chilly pool!