School Days!

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The school year FLEW by…and now summer is doing the same! Preston grew up so much in first grade! He lost lots of teeth…one of which was very stubborn and you can see in the pictures below…and I wanted to “accidently” bump them out! Luckily he accidently bumped it out himself and now he has man teeth growing in. In my opinion, after baby teeth are lost in the front kids start to look so much older. Anyway, Preston had a great first grade year. Lots of good friends were made and we all really liked his teacher. Hopefully second grade is a great year too!

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Waiting for school to get out.

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Cute Dallin:

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Happy 4th Birthday!

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Happy birthday to my pretty Ada Sue! We love having her in our family! She wants a Frozen party (like EVERY single other little girl I know!) So we’ll see how it goes!

She is my little helper in the kitchen (always wants to crack the eggs!), my photo location scouter (below), my lover of all desserts, leotards, and bathing suits, and my blue-eyed, curly Sue!

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How many kids can you fit in a miniature pool?! Luckily this is an upgrade from the last two summers, that pool was extra miniature…but still, it is looking a little crowded in there! I need to do a full post one of these days coming up but for now, this will do!

Happy first day of SUMMER VACATION!!!

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