Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who called, sent cards, or just thought about me yesterday! My phone was dead all day at work so sorry I couldn’t answer…but I’ll be calling you all back! Shaun and I had fun last night…we went to Macaroni Grill (thank you Kerstin for the gift card J) and we had some really GOOD bread and dinner…except I got this salad and it was really good but this morning when I went to dig in for seconds, there was this big piece of plastic in it! Maybe part of a plastic bag or the wrapping for parmesan cheese, I don’t know…but that was pretty gross…the salad still tasted good though! Then Shaun bought us tickets to a dance concert. It was BYU’s modern dance team and it was really cool! Even Shaun liked it (so he says…) It was very entertaining and made me want to get up there and dance! Over-all it was a pretty good day…now I am 23!  

Here is an update on baby/pregnancy…I can definitely feel my uterus stretching and getting bigger…it’s a little bit uncomfortable but I figure pregnancy is just an period in my life that will be full of uncomfortable moments! We are kind of feeling like it is a girl…but we don’t want to make any assumptions and have it be completely different…so we’ll see if we are right! Hopefully we will find out what we are having at our March appointment! Then we can start shopping J  We still keep changing our minds about names so we don’t really have anything solid yet.

Well, thank you again to everyone for your calls and thoughts on my birthday! You are wonderful! Take care!


Big Day

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! I hope you have a great day today Bug. I’m sorry that you have to go to work, and that I have to go to school. I wish we had that 250 million dollars so that I could take you anywhere you wanted to go for your birthday– Paris, Hawaii, Sacramento! Shoot, if I had any money I would take you somewhere. But I promise to love you forever. Oh, and to everyone else who doesn’t get to spend tonight with Janelle– I know you are jealous, and I don’t blame you. I hope you all have a nice day too.



First Doctors Appointment!!

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We went to the doctor this morning and it was great…well, i mean not the most fun I’ve ever had or anything but everything went well. I thought i had been gaining weight but it turns out i have lost about 6 or 7 pounds!! Probably from being sick and I think i am just losing muscle and gaining FAT :) My due date as of now is August 5, 2007! The doctor was good, we liked him. I am not sure what else to say about it because i am sure you do not want to know ALL the details…The next appointment is set for the 2nd of February and i get to hear the heartbeat then, that will be exciting! My first trimester will almost be over then too and so hopefully i can stop taking these NASTY anti-nausea pills! Everyone keeps telling me the second trimester is better so i hope that it is! Then maybe i will forget about all the sick days and want to have another kid someday ;)

Well, i love you all and hope you are doing well! Take care!!



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I am sitting at work and my eyes are getting so heavy! I just want to lay down and take a nap! It’s sad but getting up at 8 has been hard! Over the break i totally slept until 10 or even 11 a few times! Wow, i can really sleep these days! I have my first doctors appointment on Friday…Jami called and gave me a heads up of some things she didn’t realize they would do her first appointment…so i am going in with open eyes!

Sorry we haven’t had many new pictures! I got a new camera for Christmas and haven’t really been able to get out and do anything so hopefully we will get some new ones in the webshots gallery! I will let you know!

Well, sorry i have nothing exciting to say today but i figure its just nice to read something new!! I love you all and hope you are having a great Wednesday!  Take care!

And hi Aunt Sharon!! Mom told me that you come on and look at our website! That makes me so happy, I missed seeing the Strazzo’s at Christmas so hopefully i will be able to see you soon!


Happy New Year!

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Ok, so it has been awhile since updating this and so I’ll try and sum up the past few weeks. Well, life got pretty crazy with finals and work and everything and so there was no time to sit and think about anything so once that all was over…all the sudden I was feeling the morning sickness!! Ok, it was more like ALL DAY sickness! Yikes, it was terrible!! Shaun couldn’t even come near me because I would run to the toilet because of his smell or touch…it was sad!! Finally after being completely dehydrated, I went to the hospital and they hooked me up to an IV and dripped in some fluids and drugs! After that things started to head uphill. Thank you to everyone who came and “babysat” me while Shaun was at school! It was a HUGE help! I was so sad because we didn’t get to go to Sacramento for Christmas but Mom came out and had our own little Christmas so that was nice! It was also nice to spend some time with Shaun’s family and with Kerstin who we never see! We had their traditional Swedish Christmas eve dinner of cheese, meat, crackers, and lots of fish and oysters…I decided this year was probably not the year to try pickled herring and oysters…but the cheese and meats were really good! We spent the next week just lounging around and watching TONS of sports. I am actually taking a liking to football which I never thought was possible! We have watched a few really good bowl games over the past few days and it’s been fun.

We spent New Years Eve with Christer and Cat and that was fun. I pretty much won Chinese checkers. Well,  ok, Shaun and Christer were out to get me and so Shaun stayed in my corner until Christer won…my own husband…so I still think I won because I sat right next to Shaun’s marble until he finally moved out of my spot. It was fun though…Cat had a bunch of party poppers so we sort of made a mess with all the confetti at midnight! I hope all of you had a great new years eve and day!

I got out and exercised for the first time in a few weeks yesterday…I always said that I would exercise all the time when I got pregnant but I forgot the fact that you get sick! So I have just felt yucky and haven’t been able to get out but FINALLY I did it! It felt good. It was freezing, but I felt great to go for a jog!

Well, I am not sure what else to write…thank you all for all the wonderful gifts we received this holiday and for all the concern you have shown for us while I was sick! I love you all and am so grateful to have families as wonderful as you all are! Take care!