Happy Sabbath

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zebra+cakeToday was a great Sunday. Most Sunday’s are. You get to be uplifted at church, hang out with family, and just rest! How nice. We had dinner together tonight and it was fantastic. I just kept eating and eating AND THEN…Jami brought over this amazing cake! How cool is this? She was just trying out a mad hatter cake for her portfolio and just to see how they are made, and this is what was created! It looked awesome and tasted great too. Thanks Jami!

Currently we have been glued to our computer because Catherine Edwards (Christer’s wife and our favorite Edwards sister-in-law) is in LABOR!! Their little girl is going to come into the world at any point in the next few hours. How crazy!! There is a website (www.twitter.com) where you can send text messages in and it shows up on the screen so you can keep people updated on whatever is going on. So, every so often Christer will text what is going on to the site and we can check. How amazing is technology these days? I would have never thought up a website to do that, but now we…and anyone else who is interested…can know how far along Cat is and what is going on! Well, we love you Christer and Cat and can’t wait to see that little one!!

I hope you had a great Sunday and actually rested on this day of rest…Cat, you are excused from resting, just for today!


Pictures are up

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Pictures from our Portland adventure are up and there are a few pictures from Valentine”s Day when I meant to post something but only got halfway through! And…I don’t know how our blog got changed back to the old look, I just pushed the “refresh” button and it switched. Oh well it still says the same stuff! Here is our little fish out of water, he’s really cruisin’!

february08 054.mov


Home from the Land of Ports

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february08 051We just returned from Portland and had a great time! We seemed to have come at the perfect time too…we experience absolutely NO rain!! How did that happen? Apparently the entire winter is usually spent either in the rain or under cloudy skies, but we had beautiful sunny days. Perfect. We stayed with Cooper and Alisha and their two adorable girls, Jenelle and Meri. Preston loved hanging out with other kids, and especially loved chewing up any piece of paper or food that anyone left lying around. He’s a nut, we can’t let him alone for even a minute! My favorite part: while changing Preston’s diaper Jenelle (2 1/2 years old) said, “He has a tail.” She’s a crack up. You can tell she only has a sister!

While up there we also were able to visit Shaun’s grandma and grandpa Edwards and my grandpa McGagin. Now Preston has met all of his great-grandparents! We had fun and took lots of pictures….so I’ll put some up once I get them onto the computer. On february08 048our last night we all went to Claim Jumpers and ordered desserts. Shaun and I shared the “I Declair.” It was the BIGGEST eclair I had ever seen…in my life. Probably the size of a football. It was amazing, though we probably don’t want to eat another eclair for a long time. We stuffed ourselves, then kept eating. I hate when I do that, but I just couldn’t stop. Being in Portland was fun…it was fun to see all the places Shaun used to hang out and where he grew up, but it’s also nice to be back in our own bed with Preston in the other room!


First Zoo Trip

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february08 016Yesterday was Preston’s first trip to the zoo! We went with Jami and Jackson and the day was beautiful. Probably about 70 degrees. Amazing. I was in shorts and a t-shirt…in February…it was lovely. Anyway, Preston got to see monkeys, tigers, bears, mountain lions, coyote, and tons of birds…especially chickens and roosters. The chickens and roosters are all over the place, they don’t have cages or anything, they just roam free anywhere they like around the zoo, city hall, the library…really wherever. There were pretty much unorganized cock-fights happening outside the zoo gates. Jackson kept saying “Chickens scary.” All in all it was a successful trip with only one scraped knee.

There are some more pictures in “our Photos” if anyone is interested!!


A Beautiful Day!

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What am I doing inside on the computer? It is in the mid 60’s, the sun is out, birds are chirping…yeah ,I really don’t know what I am doing in here! Oh well. Preston is enjoying himself while sitting in his extreme exer-saucer toy and I am hesitant to go over and get him though I know I need to. I have watched him several times turn slightly red while a half grin spread across his face…his “I’m pooping” grin. I know what I am in for once I walk over there…plus the fact that he has been bouncing up and down in that thing after each push…he seems perfectly content though, jabbering and squeaking while sitting in his own filth. I’ll grab him in a minute.

Valentines day is coming up. Is anyone doing anything fun and exciting? We decided last week that we would go up to Portland for the weekend so we’ll spend Valentines Day in the airport…but we are going on a fun trip! I am excited to go up there…we haven’t been back since we were married! This should be a nice little vacation for us.

I get to teach the Laurels tomorrow and the lesson is on preparing to be an eternal companion. I remember being that age and feeling like marriage was so far away and that all this information was great but not applicable to me yet. I hope I can say something that will help them realize that marriage and a family are not as far away as they seem and that you don’t become a whole new person after you walk out of the temple holding hands. I don’t think I consciously thought that I would be different but I know in my head I pictured myself different as a married woman. So much more mature and grown up. But I was still messy and didn’t know much about bills and insurance, taxes or cooking. I am excited to teach tomorrow and hopefully they will get something from the lesson!

Poor Preston is probably rotting over there. I’m going to get him.


A Very Merry Half-Birthday

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jan302008 002This week Preston had his half birthday! Hooray! We have kept him alive for that long! Watching him grow has been a lot of fun. Along with him growing, I think Shaun and I have grown as well. We are learning how to balance being parents with everything else and we have learned how much a person can love can love a child. We just love this kid so much it literally hurts to think of anything happening to him. I think this has given us a small glimpse of how much we are loved by our Father in Heaven.

This morning was President Hinckley’s funeral. It was a really nice service. He was just an amazing man. If any of you were ever blessed to be in his presence, I don’t think you can deny that he was a prophet of God. I remember when he came here for the ground breaking of the Sacramento Temple and when he walked into the Mormon Center Chapel everyone started singing “We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet” and I couldn’t even sing because of the knot in my throat. The spirit was so strong. Times like that are another strong reminder of how much we are loved by God!! President Hinckley will be missed, but he must be so happy!

I hope that You are all having a great day…a great GROUNDHOG day…and Phil the groundhog says “6 more weeks of Winter!” (http://www.groundhog.org/prediction) All of you in Utah, good luck…LOVE YOU!