Gold Country

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This week we decided to go explore the foothills and see where gold was discovered. We drove up to Coloma and saw Sutter’s Mill and a few other historical sites. The city was pretty dead, probably because it was a Tuesday morning…

August2008 010

Shaun and Preston at the James Marshall monument

August2008 005

Getting a history lesson

August2008 034

Preston looking into this super old church…

it was an interesting trip, kind of hard with a baby…all he wanted to do was sit down and rub his hands in the dirt…especially creepy in the old cemetery! We mostly drove around to look at the sites because there was no one tending any of the toll booths at the different parking lots but they had boxes and signs that said to pay your dues to use the park…don’t you hate those? There is no one working the booth so I feel like i don’t have to pay but I can never just not pay so I just end up parking for a minute and then driving away. Maybe if it didn’t look like the whole place was closed down I would have forked out the $4.


Uncle-Cousin Keith

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Some of you may have already seen Keith’s post about coming to visit; however, I have to fill space on this blog and meet the growing demand for new posts that all of my adoring readers crave so I am posting about it too.

First, Keith did stay an extra day and visit with us this past weekend and we really enjoyed spending time with him. I can’t say that we did anything super exciting and we worried that he was bored silly spending time with two kids and their baby, but it was nice to relax and chit-chat.

While Keith was in town he was given a new moniker to fill the role of my cousin and Preston’s uncle. Since I get lost trying to figure out cousins past the first round (especially if you add in the “removed” jargon) I decided that Preston can refer to Keith as “Uncle-Cousin Keith.” When we were younger Keith felt more like a big brother to me (No, Christer. Not the big brother I never had, just a big brother) and so I feel like Preston should call him uncle Keith. Since Keith didn’t seem to feel like that would be appropriate (?) I settled on the new title. Forthwith all Morgan cousins shall be know as uncle-cousin or aunt-cousin to my children. You hear that Aunt-Cousins Sally and Jenn?

Also, Keith mentioned that I had a childhood fear of magicians. This is unequivocally not true. I have no fear of  magicians nor magical beings–except this one; however, I have a fear of my son ending up like this! That is why we will not be calling my son “Presto.”

And since Keith didn’t get any pictures…


Uneventful Life

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What to write about today…It has been yet another uneventful week. Preston has learned how to fold his arms and to say “doe, doe, doe” (meaning, “go, go,go!”) when he goes running with me in the jogging stroller…I was trying to get him to cheer me on while I was huffing and puffing along the other day. Why is it so much easier to get OUT of shape than it is to get INTO shape?

He loves this wagon he got from his Grandma. It was filled with Lego-type blocks, but he decided to fill it with something else…himself. He loves being dragged all over the house in it.


Showing off his goofy grin!


Making Shaun pose for me…

We decided that we should take a picture of Preston doing every sport when he is young so that one day when he is playing something professionally or in the Olympics we can give the pictures to someone for a commercial or something :) So we took him out to a baseball diamond…but he was playing with a basketball…oh well.


Loving the baseball diamond


hanging out on the bleachers with mom.


On top of the WORLD!

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I just found a few more pictures from our trip to Utah that I think Shaun’s family might enjoy!


A birthday gift from Uncle Christer, Aunt Cat, and Addison…he LOVES this toy!

While at Shaun’s parents house his dad asked if we wanted to drive to the top of a mountain. I thought, “oh, that would be fun!” Shaun’s mom brought a book for the drive, and for GOOD reason too! The drive up was pretty long, mostly on a narrow gravel road, on the edge of HUGE cliffs. I mean, seriously. I almost messed my pants a few times. I am a pretty paranoid person, and all I kept picturing was the van getting too close to the edge, tires spinning shooting gravel into the air, and us tipping over, tumbling thousands of feet to our tragic death. I know, dramatic. It turns out Shaun’s dad is a pretty good driver so we are all still here and alive, obviously.

Once we got to the top it was beautiful. Well, we all agreed that the Great Salt Lake isn’t necessarily a looker, it’s actually pretty ugly, but it was neat to be up so high and the other side of the mountain had a pretty view. So here we are, on top of the world.


Shaun with his pops


Preston and daddy


Preston and grandpa


Teaching Preston how to throw rocks.


Here is a picture I took of the edge of the road near the top. We thought it would be nice to show people what we were driving by and how deep these canyons were…these look like tiny hills. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not this one.


Water Parks

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I have been trying to think of things to do with Preston because it has been pretty hot outside and I find myself cooped up in the house quite a bit. One of the coolest things to do outside would be something with water, so my friend Brooke and I took our kids to a park that had all these water spouts. Why didn’t they have fun parks like that when I was a kid? Preston was pretty intimidated by the water but Taylor, Brooke’s daughter, was LOVING it! Preston preferred the parking lot and digging under benches for someone’s leftover peanut butter crackers and ant infested sucker. One day he’ll appreciate water squirting from the ground! Anyway, it was a great, free, way to spend part of the day.


Trying to decide how he feels about the water…


Preston and Taylor


Basil, wagons, and bubbles

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One of the many reasons I love having a garden: I just walked outside and picked basil this morning then whipped up a jar of pesto. Amazing.


Though my garden is no longer aesthetically pleasing to the eye (weeds are vicious) it is still producing.

Below are just a few pictures of yesterday. That morning I watched Jackson and took him and Preston around the block in the wagon. Nearing home I decided to tell them I was going to go fast, so I continued to up my tempo to a jog. Jackson seemed to enjoy it and kept insisting, “Again! Fast!” In the end I ran around the block 4 times in my flip flops lugging the wagon. Check “daily workout” off my list.

That night Jackson wanted to come over and ride int he wagon again, so this time Tim took over the task of wagon puller.



And then here we are playing with bubbles…I love bubbles.


Hot Summer Days

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Preston and I trekked to the park yesterday. I thought I would try and be a good mom and let him out of the house for a little bit :) Turns out it was really hot out there, but I think he had fun playing with sticks and prickly balls…I had to keep him from eating EVERYTHING though! I would shoot a picture and then look up from the camera to discover he had shoved a piece of bark or some little nasty thing in his mouth. I was able to get a few cute shots, though nothing too fancy.



Sorry there isn’t much to report…our lives are not all that fun and exciting most of the time. What is going on in your lives that is fun and exciting? Maybe we can live through you…