Life in Pictures

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I have a lot of pictures to document the last few days…So get ready.

Shaun and a couple of his good friends are off on a “man-weekend.” They drove up to Sinkyone Wilderness State Park today (it’s along the northern California Coast) and are going to backpack around for a few days. Leading up to last night, they all made an agreement a couple months ago to grow some facial hair then shave it down to a mustache right before the trip. So below we have the pre-man-trip ritual. Such weirdos!





The finished Product.


Preston loves to hide in this cupboard…though it wont shut all the way when he is inside, he thinks he’s so sneaky.


Every kid needs a picture of them in their dad’s (elf) shoes. I was wondering when he would figure out how to put on shoes, and he did, all by himself.


Today we went with a few other people to Mimi’s Cafe to treat ourselves to a delicious breakfast and to let Jami out of the house with no kids, since pretty soon here she will have TWO!!

Also, this week I had my first photo victims! Our friends from Colorado, Michael and Kristi, let me take family pictures of them and their little guy Will. I’ll have to post some of them when I am finished. They are a good looking family so at least that part of the picture looks great!

Here are Preston and Will. Best friends already. It may not look like it from this picture, but they totally are.


Good news, Bad news.

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Good News: Today my wonderful husband surprised me with a new camera lens. He is one fantastic guy.


Bad News: Preston biffed and got some major rug burn on his chinny-chin-chin.


FYI The top picture is just a picture I took with the lens…


Folsom Love

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I’ve been trying to scout out different picture spots around town, so yesterday Preston and I headed out to Sutter Street in Old Folsom (one of my all-time favorite places to be.) The woman who is kind of mentoring me from my ward (Spice Rack Productions) shoots a lot down there and it is amazing to see that though the street is so busy sometimes, you can make two people look completely secluded. I wasn’t really planning on taking any pictures of anyone, but of course since Preston was there I had to snap a few of him. I couldn’t get many cute faces, but oh well…that’s pretty much how it goes all the time with him.

What else is going on in our lives, you may wonder…or you may not…anyhow, I wish I could go on about all the fun and exciting things we are doing but the truth is…it’s been a lot of work and no play (at least for Shaun.) So there isn’t much to report on. I’ve had some major success at garage saleing (I don’t think “Saleing” is a word…) Preston is saying more and more words all the time. He started singing “A E D O…” like he knows the alphabet, it’s cute. He is just growing up, my little man. I wish he would stay one forever!






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Today we celebrated Shaun’s birthday with my family…we were sad not to have the traditional Swedish pancakes which Shaun requests at his house EVERY chance he has a say…but we had a lot of other good food! Here are some pictures from the evening.


Getting ready to scarf…


Jami’s amazing looking and tasting cheesecake. I’m salivating.


Shaun’s intense blow.


Preston and Jackson hangin’ out together.

And P.S. If you are wondering about the facial hair (we have had many comments on that…and I mean Shaun’s…) there are two explanations for this madness: First, he works with the young men at church and on several occasions leaders have treated him like he was one of the kids…so hopefully he might look a little older? Second, him and some of his good friend are going on a backpacking trip later this month which they all agreed to have mustaches for…Don’t ask…I don’t usually. So there you have it.


Happy Birthday Handsome Husband!

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Today is Shaun’s 27th birthday! Though he may say he hasn’t accomplished anything in his 27 years of life, those who know him know otherwise. I won’t go on to list them but I will say this…I can’t tell you how many times I have had people come up to me and tell me how Shaun has changed their life or the life of one of their children. He genuinely loves his family and his friends…I mean, who still keeps in contact with their high school friends, mission companions, old roommates, and old coworkers? And by keep in touch I mean talk to daily (Michael, at least three or four times…) or weekly. He really is an amazing person and every day I am thankful to have found him! Happy birthday lover!


Dad’s Work Partay!

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My dad has worked at Farmers Rice Corporation for years and years…and years..over 20 years I am pretty sure. In all that time I doubt any of our family had ever gone to visit him at the mill (I mean, the fact that he usually works graveyard shift doesn’t help.) Still to this day I think my mom has yet to see his office. It sounds weirder on paper here than it actually is, i think? Once when i was a kid I wanted to see what my dad did so he loaded me up in our Chevy Family Wagon (huge blue van that had the raised roof with just enough space to fit a teensy TV and VCR…we were the envy of all our classmates on field trip days…) and I went with him to work. I got to see the office and switch boards and even got to go down into the mill…then I slept in the van the rest of the night. That is the extent of seeing dad at work. So, for the first time since we can remember, the rice mill had an employee appreciation BBQ. We got to meet the voices on the phone who call for dad as well as the others that dad has talked about for years. It was a lot of fun! The centerpieces were bags of rice along with bundles of rice plants…how sad that none of us really knew what rice looked like before it’s processed!


Here is the rice plant…for all others who are unaware! And disregard the demolished plate of ribs…


With pops in front of the mill.


Kelsey and dad, sort of.

It was fun. We had a good time. Hooray for rice!


Happy Labor Day

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We celebrated Labor Day as many do…by not laboring. We went with Tim, Jami, and Jackson to Lake Clementine, up past Auburn, and we had a lot of fun! The little boys were entertained almost the entire time by throwing rocks and the big boys were entertained by jumping off rocks. As always, I have a zillion pictures from the day…but I’ll just post a few!


Preston in a tube Tim and Shaun found abandoned


Loungin’ around


Preston and Jackson


Throwing rocks


Me and my cute sister-in-law…could you even guess that she is 8 months pregnant by this picture?!


Playing trains in the rocks, Preston making himself at home there…


and my cute little guy.

We hope you all had a fun day off…if you actually got a day off!


Michael and Kristi

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I have some GREAT NEWS for those of you who come to our site and usually flip through the links on our blogroll: the Michael and Kristi link is no longer useless!! Instead of taking you to a wasted webshots account now it will actually take you to a blog. That’s right, they finally gave in and entered the blogosphere. So in case you are bored and want to visit one extra site–and see pics of their really cute little guy, Will–go ahead and give their link a click. Do it.