New pics

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Hey! There are some new pictures of our bike ride this past weekend…some are a little blurry but i put them on anyway! I got a new bike this weekend and i am so excited about it! We can go on bike rides together now! We also floated down the Provo River and it was FREEEEEEZING but fun! We went with Shaun’s friend Chad and his Fiance Tiffany…we dont have any pictures of that…sorry, but it was a lot of fun and we are both a little toasted! I put sun screen on Shaun but i missed a strip on his chest…oops! So he has one big RED strip down the middle of his chest! kind of sad! Sorry love!Anyway, we had a good weekend and i hope all of you had a wonderful one as well! We love you!


Father’s Day

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Hey there! We went on a little walk up the canyon this weekend at what we call “Perfect Park” aka Rock Springs Park…There are some pictures in the Webshots gallery of us (mostly me because Shaun was taking all the pictures!) they all kind of look the same but i promise they were on different parts of the trail…Dad, this is the mountain bike trail i was telling you about! Well, we love you all and we hope our dad’s know that we love them and we hope they had a fantastic day! Take care!!!


New Photo’s

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Hey, I put some new pictures from Memorial Day weekend and from this past weekend on the Webshots Gallery so feel free to look and see what we have been up to! We love you all and hope you are doing well, and Kelsey, you should move to Utah, that’s my and Shaun’s decision. You dont have any say in it! :)


Our Weekend

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YAY!!! i went to my last weekend of instructor training and i did a whole lot better this weekend than last! I still dont feel ready to try out and teach at 24 Hour…but i think i will get the relief society in my ward together once a week or something! that would be some good practice! Anyway, we had a pretty good weekend…i thought…we went to a parade and fair in Orem on Saturday night. I think every single family from Provo to American Fork was there…it was so stinkin’ crowded and there were people from all walks of life there! It was fun to watch all the different people. Sunday we hung out with Cooper and Alisha and little Jenelle, she is one cute little girl!! Our weekend wasn’t too exciting on paper but it was a good weekend! I hope yours was fun and exciting as well! Mom Edwards…if you guys need more help on your backyard let us know! we are excited to come up and sit on the grass when it’s in and just hang out in the backyard when the sun is going down (if the mosquitos dont eat us!!!) Ok, well i love you all and hope you are doing well!!


hmmm…i never know what to title these!

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My husband is just way too nice! I don’t think he knows how much i love and appriciate him! As i was away most of the weekend for that instructor training he kept cleaning the house so it looked marvelous every time i came back! He has been making me lunch..he went to the store at 7 in the morning just to get food for my lunch! he is the best! I love a clean house and a good lunch and i love Shaun even more!!

As i mentioned above, i went to an instructor training for 24 hour fitness this past weekend…and i go back next weekend! I was pooped by the end! We worked on step aerobics as well as cardio classes…i had to stand in front of everyone and instruct them on what move was next…while starting on the right count and remembering what comes next, and cueing on time, and being upbeat, and adding in motivational cues…let me tell you, it was crazy! I thought that since i have danced and done cheer and just moved to music a lot that the music would be the easiest part. Nope. It was a lot harder than it looks! oh well, i will just keep on practicing! I have wanted to be a fitness instructor for a long time now so i am not giving up! I want to help people feel good about themselves!

Well, i love you all and hope you are doing well! Take care!


My Wonderful Weekend

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Last Saturday I got to go golfing again with some of my friends. Coop and Nick, my old friends and golfing pro’s, and also with Daniel and Brent who were first time golfers. We all had a great time. I am still not a very good golfer, but Nick and Coop advised me to only remember the good shots. They said when people ask how golfing was I should only tell them about the “great chip I had on the 7th” or whatever — I think that is probably a good idea.

As soon as I finished golfing I drove up the canyon to Deer Creek and went fishing with my Pop and two youngest brothers. It was so much fun fishing with them — it has been a long time since I got to spend time with them like that. It’s funny watching my little brothers get older and developing personalities. Neither of them are finished growing by any means but I like who they are turning into. Anyway, I caught one decent little rainbow trout and a bass smaller than the palm of my hand (we let it go) so we had some success. We didn’t have a net to bring them in with so Daniel went tromping into the water after them once we got them on the line.

After a long day it was nice to go home and see my wife. She spent the whole day at a “24 Hour Fitness” instructors trainning doing aerobics. She had a long day and so we just relaxed Sat. night, but it was nice just to be with her — I probably should have titled this post “My Wonderful Wife” instead. She works so hard and does so much for me, it’s incredible. I am a very lucky man to have Janelle as my wife and best friend. If you are reading this post you are probably lucky to know her as a daughter, sister, cousin or friend.

Ok folks, I am done. God bless you all!


Harry Potter Extraveganza!

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Yesterday was our friend Tanya Warren’s birthday. She had a Harry Potter birthday party and she went ALL OUT! we had licorice wands, chocolate frogs, cockroach clusters, basilisk eggs, acid pops, we were sorted into Houses by the sorting hat, there was an herbology station and a Divination table…we played Harry Potter Scene It..and it was just really fun…and funny!


Campin’ etc…

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So, we had a really good weekend! We planned to go camping in Gerogetown, ID where Ryan Robison’s parents own some land. We were all pretty excited to get away for the weekend…however, the weather wasn’t so great! It was cold and drizzly…so eventually Shaun and I headed out. We spent Sunday in Kaysville and Dad made a great pot roast!

Later that day we went for a drive and ended up in Benjamin, UT. We found their cemetary and went for a walk to look at all the veterans. Benjamin was a blessed town because of all the veterans that went to fight in all the wars since…gosh, i dont know when (the civil war was on there), only 4 were killed. It was really neat to see all these people who fought for our country. On TV all weekend there were war movies…so we watched “Saints and Soldiers” and a special about saints at war…I really felt like we were able to think of the veterans this weekend rather than just consider it a 3-day weekend.

We hiked the Y on Monday and we have some pictures which i’ll put up when I can get them on the computer! We also played golf and bocce ball at the pak with Cooper, Alisha, and little Jenelle, and then we went to Toole to visit Kyle, Rachel, Molly, and Matt…and all their little ones! That was fun too…I think altogether we had a pretty good and action packed weekend!

I hope yours was just as good!