4 Months Old!

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100_0748Wow, my little guy is 4 months old today. I really can’t believe it! He is such a character these days. Right now he is laying on the floor talking to himself and blowing so many spit bubbles it looks like he has rabies. It’s amazing how much these kids change in just 4 months! He is just so good and loves to smile and play. Lately he has been laughing at everything. I love it. He is finally starting to get into a regular nap schedule so that has been nice…except for the fact that his naps are usually right when Shaun needs to go to school, so he usually ends up walking. Poor guy, oh well, walking is good for your health!

Well, I’m all out of things to say already. Sad. Well, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and stay warm and dry!


Blogging Junky

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We have had this website for quite some time now and I have just recently become some sort of twisted blog junky! I am not sure what happened but after I realized that other people have blogs too then I started jumping from one blog to the next, finding friends that I never knew had blogs…and then moving on to reading about people I don’t even know! Laughing with them crying with them (seriously.) It is kind a neat way to keep up with people that you don’t get to talk to very often. I get to read about Cooper and Alisha’s family and their free trip to Disney on Ice and the whole poop fiasco in the tub, I watched Tim bash his head into the light fixture while playing soccer in the house with Jackson, I can see where Amy and Burgess are going on their honeymoon…Marzee, you need a blog now. Having a blog really is a great way to keep in touch with those you don’t get to see very often. I don’t feel so out of the loop when I can hear about and see pictures of everyone’s lives. Technology is great when used right! Now I just need to balance the time I spend on the computer with the time I spend doing housework :)

My husband is at work right now. I miss him. It’ll be nice when he will have a set schedule and won’t have to work until 10 pm! He only does it once a week, but still! Ok, time to go scrub the bathroom, wish me luck! Love you all!!


Sheep Stampede

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So this was an interesting experience. We were on our way down to the tiny town of Fairview, UT to attend the baby blessing of Will Papworth when a herd of sheep came charging toward us. What do you do in that situation? Well, we stopped as the swarm surrounded us and eventually passed our car. It was a pretty crazy scene and luckily we had our camera on hand so you all could experience it too!




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Something weird happened to me today. Shaun left for the BYU vs Utah football game with his good friend Michael Papworth. Though my husband was nowhere around I turned on the TV to the “mtn” (Our local Mountain West Conference station) and watched the entire game. What? I even found myself pounding my fist on the couch or saying “go, go, go!” In all of my life I never thought I would watch a football game by choice, let alone by myself. It was a weird feeling but I thought my husband would be proud. BYU came out with the win, which was pretty exciting because at the end there it didn’t look like it was going to happen. Go Cougars!

I hope your holiday was enjoyable, we had a lot of fun up in Kaysville. Preston didn’t enjoy his first Thanksgiving as much as we did though! We walked through the door and handed him off and immediately the bottom lip shot out, his face started to wrinkle, and he just started wailing! 100_0648It was so sad (but kind of cute at the same time!) I think it was a mixture of hungry, tired, and all the new faces. He is getting to the point where he knows mom and dad and new faces aren’t as welcoming as they once were. Oh well, he warmed up as the night went on. He got to meet his new best friend Will Papworth…it’s kind of like an arranged marriage, but a friendship…and arranged friendship? Anyway, that would be great if they actually did become best friends!My mom’s high school best friend has a daughter who is now my best friend so it’s definitely possible. Well, our kid is asleep so we better get in some quality husband, wife hang out time. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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ca_10165We are excited to say that Shaun now has a job after graduation! HOORAY! He was able to get a job working with the city manager of Folsom, CA. This will be a great opportunity to get some work experience in local government and prepare for grad school. We are pretty excited. Folsom is a beautiful city…I always loved to drive around there and just be there when I was in high school. My friend Lisa and I would ditch first period with Mrs. Adorno to go to the American River…I mean, no we wouldn’t… It’s a great town and I really think Shaun will enjoy this job! We were praying hard and everything seemed to come together so we feel it is a great blessing. Viva California!

Speaking of blessings, in 16 minutes it will be Thanksgiving day. I really should go to bed, but this seems like the only me time I get these days, after the kiddo goes to sleep! There is so much to be thankful for, so much of it I overlook everyday. The fact that our car still runs, we have a warm home, we are all healthy and well (as far as we know!) we have the gospel in our lives and wonderful parents who have taught us correct principles since we were young. Clothes and shoes keep us warm, toothbrushes keep the grime off of our teeth, shampoo for clean hair, a refrigerator that keeps all of our food from going bad (ok, I am sure there is something molding in the back…but that’s totally my fault!) Dental floss to get that piece of chicken that has been bothering us, the post office so we can send packages across the country and around the world…the list goes on and on. There are so many things that may not seem like they fit into the category of “blessings” but if we really dig deep there are so many things to be thankful for! I hope I can do a better job of really digging up and recognizing all of the blessing in my life!

I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and eat so much you need to unbutton your pants! I know I will with all of the pies we have at Shaun’s parent’s! Wow, that’s probably my favorite part of the day! Take care, we love you all!


Professor Edwards

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100_0644We have this bow tie that my little brother wore when he was a baby. I finally dug it out this Sunday and put it on Preston. He looked SO adorable… unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it too much so we relieved him of the bow tie after the pictures, but at least we got a picture out of it!! We’ll try again when he is a little older!


We’ve had a Makeover

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Thanks to Christer for helping us with the new look. It had been 2 years, I thought we could use a change! Hopefully it is still easy to navigate.

glued to the BYU gameWell, we are sitting here watching the BYU vs Wyoming game and Preston is glued to the TV…I guess he has only been alive for a few months and he hasn’t had much experience with a talking, flashing box. It’s kind of cool if you have never seen one.

Well, nothing else is really interesting in our lives at the moment so I’ll come back when I have something exciting to say! I hope you all have a great weekend!


Preston’s First Football Game!

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I just stuck Preston in his little bouncy seat and there are three toys that hang over him when he sits in it. Just a minute ago he finally was able to grasp the ring on the center toy so that while I was busy paying attention to the computer I heard “Old MacDonald” start playing in that high pitch baby toy sound. He has never done that! But then he wouldn’t let go so it is sitting here playing over and over…and sometimes playing the same note over and over because he keeps pulling it. The noise is getting a little old at this point, but I love when he figures out new tricks. I get excited over the smallest things!

dad's football gameI decided tonight to go and support my husband in his intramural football endeavors. Then I realized why I don’t go and do things like that very often anymore. I thought I was just getting boring, but here is a recap of the night. It is really cold so I bundle Preston up in his hat and sweatshirt, and a blanket and we hike to the farthest football field. I sit down with him and try to keep every inch of him covered except his face so he won’t freeze. Then he gets mad because he can’t move his arms. After that, he decides he is hungry and starts to scream just as the guys are saying a prayer to start the game. Trekking back to the car he continues to let out high pitch screams letting me know he hates being inside the blanket and that he doesn’t want to wait another minute for food. We get to the car and settle down to feed while I watch Shaun and his team, looking like ants from this distance, dominate the other team :) Half hour later, Preston is done eating and we bundle back up to walk out to the field once again. As we sit down I make sure none of his body parts are flailing in the cold and while I am concentrating on keeping my kid warm and happy the game ends and I realize that I haven’t watched a single minute. Hmmm…so why did I go again? Oh yeah, to watch my husband… did I actually see him play? No. Oh well, they won in the end and we now can say that Preston attended his first football game. Having a child is GREAT fun, but there are some things we just cannot enjoy the way we used to, like actually watching the football game. It is so worth it though!



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Today is a beautiful fall day here in Provo. I should be outside doing something fun…or at least have the shutters open to let in a little sunlight! Why does time seem to pass so quickly? I wish I could slow it down sometimes. Then again, other times I wish it went faster. We are so excited for Shaun to graduate…we’ve been waiting two years since we have been married, for him to graduate and now it is finally here and I realize all of the things that I haven’t done here and that I will actually miss some things about Utah! The canyon is just 10 minutes away, there are mountains in our backyard…so hiking is just down the street. There are so many amazing national parks so close…and I definitely haven’t seen all that I have wanted to! We were even camping outside Bryce Canyon this spring but didn’t go in because we were too cheap to pay the fee for just a drive through :) I had all of this at my fingertips yet I didn’t take advantage of it while I was here. Oh well, it’s not like we aren’t coming back to visit often and we are just moving on to more adventures!

Speaking of adventures…before we had Preston Shaun and I used to go on what we called “Sunday adventures” where we would just drive somewhere random that we had never been and we discovered lots of tiny Utah towns we never knew existed. We decided to take Preston and go on one last Saturday and we headed up Provo Canyon. We drove to Heber City and then took a back road to Midway. It was beautiful! While we were driving there was this hill Memorial Hillthat stuck out of nowhere, really. A road wound around the hill and ended at the top where there was a memorial. It was called Memorial Hill, very appropriate. Names of everyone from the area who had fought in a war were posted since…well, I don’t remember the first war they had posted, but it went back pretty far. It was kind of cool looking out over the valley on top of this hill with flags all around us and the names of hundreds of veterans in front of us, especially since Veteran’s Day is coming up this Sunday. We always try to find something cool on our “Adventures” and that was definitely a good find!Anyway, I just thought I would explain what some of the pictures were in our webshots gallery! Adventures are fun. I would recommend them :)

Well, I hope you are all livin’ it up and not wishing away time! I’ll try not to also! Have a great day!


It’s November!

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First, how cute is this little outfit…this is Preston in an outfit that his daddy used to wear when he was his age! So precious!

Wow, I really cannot believe that it is November already! That is insane! All year I have been dreading the holidays because the sights and smells remind me of being REALLY sick last year and just hearing Christmas music would bring back the nausea…sounds a little extreme but I seriously would get sick to my stomach thinking about Christmas! However, as it is getting closer I am slowly easing into things and I think the having a whole year to recuperate has definitely helped. I am finally not feeling sick thinking about Christmas anymore! That is such a relief!

Well, Halloween came and went, and it really wasn’t all that exciting. Preston isn’t really old enough to realize what is going on and why he is dressed up in a hot dog outfit so we just handed out candy to the handful of kids that dropped by. Shaun had to work so he didn’t get home until about 9 so it turned out to be just like any other night except with a few more knocks on the door. Oh well, maybe next year Preston will be able to appreciate it a little more…and if not then, I am sure the next year he will get the hang of Halloween!

Today Preston was weighed and measured and he is up to 13 lb 6 oz and he is 24 1/4 inches long…so he is just growing like a weed! That makes me happy because I am always freaking out if he doesn’t eat a certain amount of times in a day or for a certain period of time each feeding…I just need to relax a little. He pees a lot and is growing fine! Well, I hope your Halloween was fantastic! I am going to join my husband watching the Suns and the Lakers…Go Phoenix and Steve Nash!