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So, I was wondering if any of you check the webshots gallery for new pictures if I haven’t written a post to tell you that there are new ones up. Sometimes I post new pictures but I don’t write to tell that I have, and so I was just wondering if I needed to let you all know each time there are new pictures. Let me know!

Well, Preston is almost 7 weeks old now and definitely a lot bigger than when he was born! He now smiles and sort of laughs…they are more like happy sounds than laughs but oh well, they’re cute! He mostly smiles once he is done eating, I think that must be when he is happiest :) I can’t wait until he actually smiles and laughs all the time! He is a pretty tall baby, my friend put her 4 month old next to Preston and he was almost as tall as she was! Crazy kid! He is wearing a 3-6 month old polo onesie today (and looks adorable…I’ll take some pictures of him) but wow, I can’t believe he is already fitting into some of his bigger clothes! He can now stand up with us just holding onto his hands. He’s got some strong little legs and his neck gets stronger every day. He is such a good little guy, and we are grateful for him! He is so much fun!! Well, we are off to church but I hope you all have a great sabbath. We love you!


Photo session with mom

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Hey! So, I tried to take a few pictures of Preston and some of them turned out OK, some are a little funny. I didn’t use a flash so there is a little camera shake on some. They aren’t the most high quality, but I actually got a few of his little smiles! So stinkin’ cute! He is doing great. He slept until 5 this morning, that was wonderful and we are getting better at getting out of the house! Anyway, Take a look at the pictures if you want! Love you all!