Who Knew?

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Seriously, who knew broccoli could be so pretty? It’s not supposed to look like this…but the weather got too warm so they flowered…but the little yellow flowers are so pretty! I love when the sunlight is behind them and you can see it shining through the petals. I love the birds chirping in the morning…the sound of lawn mowers, the smell of blossoms and grass…Oh how I LOVE spring time!




This one’s for you Tanski

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A friend of mine posted this idea of making fabric beach balls on her blog and I really wanted to try it out…not sure where I found time to do it, but somewhere I did…it only took about an hour. Very easy. Very cute…but don’t look too closely at mine…the end is only pinned on for now. Here’s the website with directions and the pattern. www.purlbee.com/fabric-beach-balls/




We’re back.

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I know. I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Life has been busy and we have been gone. We went to Utah to check out BYU’s law school and visit Shaun’s family. It was a fun time, though it is nice to be back and get back into a schedule (only to leave in a few days for another trip…) I always think I like traveling and going places…but with a kid it’s so much more of a hassle than it used to be! Oh well…there will only be more kids so I doubt it’ll get any easier!

Preston had a lot of fun in Utah. He got to see “Papa” and “Gamma” and many other family members. I was glad to see that he warmed up to everyone pretty fast (except for poor Beamer.) Sharing was something we got to work on a lot while out there…so that was good. I can’t say he’s any better, but at least we got in some practice, right?

The one “toy” that Preston didn’t have too hard of a time sharing with Addison was the piano. They loved sitting there and banging on the keys together.



And here’s Preston NOT sharing any of the balls…luckily they are probably covered in Beamer drool and no one wanted to play with them anyway :)

_DSC0043 (2)

The weather was beautiful and we had a great time hanging out with family!


Where is the Park of Dreams?

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For those who live in the area…so you can ALL enjoy the park…here are some directions. Coming from Antelope Road  in Citrus Heights you turn right onto Walerga and then take a right on Elverta. The park is just off to the left. There is a small water park there too, which looks like fun in the summer! Go, climb, have a ball.


Park of Dreams

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Jami invited me and Preston to come to this park with them…we are getting pretty bored with the few in our neighborhood. This park is kind of a drive, but worth it. I wish I had taken more pictures there…In the middle there is this huge 3-D pentagon shaped spider web made of ropes, with a seat in the middle…I’m not sure how else to describe it…then there are nets and poles with bars where you can climb up to the top…and handicapped swings (which are pretty fun, like plastic chairs with a harness, hanging from a bar…) bells and drums…point is, I was tempted to leave Preston behind and climb to my hearts content. Here are the few pictures I took:





It is called “The Park of Dreams.” Rightly so.


April Fool’s Cupcakes!

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My sister-in-law, Jami, who is the culinary artist of the family is offering this April Fools Day “dinner” for you to offer your family, husband, siblings, boyfriend, etc. etc. Everything is edible and sweet…that’s not a real hunk of meat on top of a cupcake…so if you are interested (and live in the Sacramento area…) let her know before the first of April!





Oh Happy Saturday

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Just a few things before I go to bed…Congratulation to Amy and Burgess (Shaun’s sister and her husband) they had a baby boy this morning: Fredrick Burgess Coffield! Everyone is happy and healthy and he is one cute little guy. He definitely makes the cute new born list. Nothing against Preston because I think he is the most adorable kid alive, but right out of the womb he was a little scary…he was really pale with red puffy eyes…that isn’t normal, I held him for a second and then they wheeled him away. Everything turned out fine, obviously. Anyway, we are excited for Amy and Burgess!!

Another thing, our fence fell down during a storm a few weeks ago and since we can now see our backyard from the outside we decided to get rid of a few things. My mom put some water barrels on Craigs List and a man came out to get them…he was a really nice Tongan guy. We thought he might be Mormon. Sure enough he was and today he came back to give us an estimate on the fence. We already had someone coming on Tuesday but my dad gave this guy the job. First because he was giving us a way better deal and second…he was talking about how they roast pigs all the time and he said, “You want a pig? I’ll come roast it. We’ll do it in your backyard. I’ll bring my family. We’ll do it next Saturday.” Apparently he does this at most of the jobs he does once he’s finished. How random, but how awesome? So we’re having pig, roasted in our backyard, in a few weeks with our contractor. Kind of funny.

Toady was a bright, beautiful day and I have so much to be grateful for. I hope your day was bright and sunny too (even if it wasn’t bright and sunny outside…)

And here’s Preston today.


And a few days ago when it had been raining like crazy!