Markers and Mile Markers

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march2008 013

Why is it that babies explore the world with their mouths? We had our first experience with Preston getting a hold of markers…well, more like a poster board with marker on it. Shaun and I were both in the family room with him and both doing our own thing. Preston was in between us and when I thought for a minute, “hmm…what is Preston up to?” I looked down and there he was. Poster board in his mouth and marker ALL over his face. We were both RIGHT next to him yet neither of us realized he had been gnawing on the lovely chore chart I started. Luckily Crayola makes those suckers non-toxic!! The picture doesn’t quite capture what a mess he truly was.

march2008 012

This morning we woke up early and went to the stake center for the 2nd annual Citrus Heights Stake 5K!! Fun. My dad and I ran it while Shaun and Preston waited at the finish for us. I was shooting for 10 minute miles so that I wouldn’t be disappointed in my time, but I pushed and ended up finishing in 24:21…so much better than I had thought I would do! I was excited. Poor dad pulled his calf at the 2 mile mark and had to limp all the way back. Before that he was doing 7 minute miles…we are pretty sure he doesn’t realize he is 54!! I used to call him the “get-in-shape-dad” when I was a kid, and he still is. I think that is where I get my love for exercise, thanks pops!!

As we were running, Kelsey stood in line for hours at the Folsom Auto Mall to audition for “Deal or No Deal.” She made it to the second round and now she’s waiting to be interviewed again!! Good luck Kels!

march2008 019



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march2008 002enhance

Bath time with a strategically placed sail boat…

march2008 003

Climbing under the mats at gymnastics.

march2008 008

Balancing on the beam. He had his tongue out pretty much the whole time.

Such a little snake!



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We are working on changing the look of the site. So, if by chance you get on and notice weird things going on, or that I haven’t posted anything in a few days, press refresh and hopefully that will fix everything on your end. If not, then we are probably still working out a few kinks! Have a FANtastic day!


Declaration of Acquiescence

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We, the Shaun and Janelle Edwards family, do hereby officially declare complete and total surrender in the Picture-of-the-Day competition. Therefore, let it be resolved that the Christer and Catherine Edwards family be formally crowned winners of this competition. Surrender on behalf of Shaun and Janelle is in no way an admission of inferiority. It is merely a means whereby both parties may peacefully end this ridiculous war. Laters, yo!


So Sneaky

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We always catch him sneaking out of, or into, any closed door. What a little mischievous man. Plus, check out those dimply elbows, the little chunker! He may not look it on the outside, but get him in his birthday suit and I am sure he loses snacks in all those rolls :) And speaking of his birthday suit, he seems to have found his “tail,” as Jenelle Whitman refers to it. So every diaper change, his hand head right down to it and every time I pull his little mitts away he laughs and thinks it’s a game…hmmm…boys.

easter2008 068


Fun Fun Fun

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easter2008 056

Several cute photo’s came from todays Easter egg hunt in the front yard. Preston really had no idea what was going on, he just sat in the prickly grass and waited until he could play with the candy wrappers. That’s all he really cared about.

easter2008 041bright

For some reason today, for Preston’s hair, was a day of extreme fluff. There was little I could do about it, and believe me, I tried. I am debating a hair cut because it’s pretty unruly.



Happy Easter

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march2008 007
Today Preston and I (along with my pops) trekked up to Pine Grove, CA for the annual Strazzo family Easter get-together. It was fun to see that side of the family and to let them see Preston. I don’t think I have seen most of them since Christmas of 2005! Pictured above is Preston with his great-grandma Strazzo. He’s lookin’ a little loopy in this picture but grandma is looking lovely :) People say that I look like her, and I definitely wouldn’t mind looking like that when I’m a little bit more “seasoned.”

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday and celebrate our Savior. “I know that my Redeemer lives. What comfort this sweet sentence gives…”


Garage Sale Treasures

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march2008 002
Garage sales are GREAT. I found this little teensy Reebok warm-up suit for a dollar at one last weekend. Doesn’t that make it THAT much cuter?


Laptop Obsession

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march2008 005
Preston decided to write the post tonight…he is seriously obsessed with the laptop…and the remotes, cell phones, cameras…what is is with kids and electronics? Lights, buttons, and the fact that they are off limits. That must be it!



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It has come to our attention that in many of the pictures posted, Preston is hangin’ out in his crazy exer-saucer toy…we promise we don’t just leave him in there ALL the time!! We do love our child and let him explore further than the small circle he turns in that giant plastic toy! In case any of you were secretly wondering… :)

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