5 months Pregnant

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Today I am 5 months pregnant. It sounds so pregnant to me…but I dont look that pregnant yet. I guess i still have several months left and this little guy is going to grow quite a bit between now and then, so I will totally look pregnant before i know it. My belly is growing though and its pretty uncomfortable with the size that it is right now, I can’t even imagine how it is going to feel when i cant see my feet!! This is going to be one CRAZY adventure!

One thing that I am excited about is that I purchased a Pilates certification program.  I wouldn’t have decided on this program if several instructors from UVSC hadn’t become certified through this program as well and I researched it too, so it seems to be a decent program. It is a certification program that you can complete at home, which will be nice with a baby,  and I decided on the Master Pilates Practitioner certification where i will have 4 certifications: Beginning and advanced Pilates, group exercise, and a primary nutrition certification and the grand title of “Fitour Pilates Master Practitioner.” At least this will get me in the door somewhere and i can get experience teaching which could lead to other certifications and a lot more knowledge…so I am pretty excited to do that!! I have wanted to do this for a LONG time and this was an affordable program so I am going to work hard to become certified! Then I can help other people feel good about their bodies (and keep a fit mom body :) ) Anyway, I was excited about that so i thought I would share.

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday and doing well! I love you!


It’s a BOY!!

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we Have some pictures of the baby from the ultrasound and a few others up on webshots! Well, we found out today that we are having a little BOY! YAY! Shaun was so excited, a little one to watch play sports, hopefully! Other than that, everything looked normal so far…so hopefully everything continues to grow and develop normally! He had the hiccups and it was just so cute to watch him moving around in there and stretching his legs out, it was just SO COOL! Now we get to think about all the fun boy things…nursery, clothes..NAME! that should be fun! Well, anyway, I have been on the computer for awhile now so i am getting off..but i just thought you all should know! LOVE YOU and take care!


20 weeks…

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19 weeks crop

Hey! This is me at 19 weeks….we haven’t taken one at 20 yet…but that was yesterday!! I am finally over the half-way point! Hooray! Well, anyway, there are a few new shots in our Webshots gallery, some of us with the exchange student from Japan and playing with all of his toys. But we will put on some more soon! Our internet was fixed on Saturday, worked for about 30 minutes and went out again. Fantastic. But oh well!

We didn’t take any pictures from our St. Patricks day feast…i should have though! It ended up only being Me, Shaun and our friends Dave and Susan…but we had tons of food! I made corned beef, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot then i made a green jello salad, green kool-aid, and green salad. And for appetizers we ate green vegetables and dip, spinach dip with pita chips and then i felt liike some onion dip and “green Clover” brand potato chips…so not all of it was necessarily Irish…but i tried to make things at least green!! Anyway, it was fun…not sure how much i really like corned beef, but it was traditional. Next year i’ll probably try something else! Well, I hope you all had a great weekend…and just 4 more days until the ultrasound! YAY! Ok, have a great monday and take care!!


Happy Tuesday!

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Hey there! I am at work…with sort of a tummy ache because i finally got enough points on my subway card to get a free 6-inch sub. I chose the Sweet onion teriyaki chicken because it is usually way out of my price range…but today it was free! Well, not such a good idea because now i am sitting here with a hurting stomach that the veggie delight doesn’t ever leave me with! Anyway, that was a pointless story!

Well, the day is coming nearer when we will know what is coming out of me! 10 days, next Friday 1:00 pm, so get ready!! We wont keep anyone waiting, no cutsie surprises, moms will probably get calls right after and then we’ll hopefully somehow let everyone else know…i’m sure you are all just dying to know…just kidding, but we are all pretty excited especially grandmas and aunties (and OF COURSE me and Shaun!)

I can feel the baby in there moving around, maybe practicing his jump shot, or she could be doing her split jumps and pirouettes…we’ll see! It’s pretty neat, very light, but i can tell its not just gas :) We have some pictures of the tummy this past week but our internet is out (and has been for over a week…but i wont rant on about that!) so once it gets back up..which will hopefully be Wednesday, then i will put them on here so all can see the belly!

The weather is getting warmer out here which has been SOOOO nice!! No need to bundle up to take out the trash! i think it is going to get up to 68 degrees today! thats fantastic! well, i better start working but i love you all and thank you for all that you do for us! You are wonderful, take care!!


Good Morning!

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Finally getting out of the house! I just learned how to put pictures in here…so cool, except for its pretty tiny! I wrote the code all by myself too…ok, i didnt! Oh well…i was just experimenting. Well, two weeks and one day until we know what the baby is!! So fun! i love you all!


New Pictures!

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Hey there! If you all want to take a look at our Webshots Gallery there are some pictures from January and February on there…a lot of random ones where i was experimenting with the camera…like bolts and berries…but oh well. It was fun taking them! I love you all!! Take care!