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I am going to be a Dad! I am so happy. I have the best wife I could ever ask for, and now we are expecting ouf first child. God is good.


Happy 1 year!

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So, today it has been one year since Christer and Cat got married…Happy Anniversary to you guys (and Happy birthday to Christer) and on Sunday it will be a year since Shaun and I got married. People always say that the first year is the hardest…well, if that was the hardest year then we are smooth sailing for the rest of our lives! Probably not, but that would be nice! This past year has been great! I have definitely learned a lot about myself and about Shaun, and i am sure he has learned more about me than he really ever wanted to know!! Oh well!!We have been very blessed thus far in our marriage and i know a lot of it is a result of trying our hardest to always do what is right. Paying our tithing all the time has resulted in us always being able to pay our bills somehow, keeping the sabbath day holy has also resulted in blessings we thought never before possible. We are in no way perfect, but we are trying so hard to be better each day and i know that by doing that, we are being blessed for our efforts! It is hard to walk by faith sometimes, but the Lord knows better than we do and it will all turn out in the end if we do what we know we should, even if we have no idea how we are going to do it. A way will be provided!
I wasn’t expecting to write a testimony on here today, but as i have reflected upon the last year, i honestly do not know how we would have made it all year without the hand of the Lord. I am grateful for my marriage and that we are sealed together for all eternity, i would not want it any other way!…and i got lucky…Shaun is AWESOME!

Well, i love you all and i hope you are doing well! Mom, thanks for coming out here and thanks for everything! It was SO nice to see you and be with you! I miss you a lot and I love you. And Mom Edwards, thank you for the card. I love you guys and i love being in your family! I seriously could not have asked for a better set of “in-laws!” You are wonderful!


more pics

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Hey, there are some new pictures in our webshot gallery…we went out with Ryan and Andrea and took some pictures at this cute little house! Anyway, if ya’ll want to take a gander..feel free! LOVE YOU!!