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Taking lots of photos of other people’s families leads me to want more photos of my own family! Thanks to my mom who always comes out and takes our pictures! She does a great job and is pretty patient with us all! We just went to one of our favorite parks, nowhere fancy, but I think that goes to show that a nice photo can really be taken anywhere! Some people feel like you need a really cool location, and that’s nice and all, but it isn’t really about that…it’s about the people in the picture!




DSC_3136b DSC_3136c



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Okay. I think that was a record. I haven’t posted anything on this thing since AUGUST. I’m speechless. Embarrassed. I don’t post a lot to Facebook either…so you may not remember what we look like or know that Dallin has hair now. Preston’s missing 2 bottom teeth, Shaun has had a beard, a hideous beardless chop-stache (not sure what else to call it) and a mustache…and is now back to clean shaven…we’ve gone through countless holidays since then…Preston started 1st grade and Ada is in Preschool. Dallin talks up a storm and is the cutest turd ever…I say that because he can be so cute and then such a turd…but he’s so cute you forget about all the turdiness…unless I am trying to enjoy myself, wandering the aisles of Target and he’s trying to flop himself out of the cart and squawking “NOOOO” like a crow…then I don’t think he’s all that cute. Ada lives each day in either a leotard or a swim suit…doesn’t matter the month or the weather. And it is EVERY. DAY. I put clothes on her to take her out. We get home, the clothes are stripped and the swim suit comes back out.

I’m not even sure where to start with pictures…but I’ll just throw up a smorgasbord of the last part of the year…and I’d like to make it a pretty collage so it doesn’t seem like SO many pictures…but I don’t want to spend my whole Saturday on that so I won’t…don’t feel obligated to scroll all the way to the bottom :)

Playing at the school:

 photo DSC_8156.jpg

 photo DSC_8161.jpg

 photo DSC_8171.jpg

So precious when they are sleeping! Crusty face and all!

 photo DSC_8115.jpg

One of our Pumpkin patch trips:

 photo DSC_2483.jpg

 photo DSC_2497.jpg

 photo DSC_2481.jpg

 photo DSC_2474.jpg

 photo DSC_2496-1.jpg

Another pumpkin patch trip:

 photo DSC_8824.jpg

 photo DSC_8827.jpg

 photo DSC_8829.jpg

 photo DSC_8873.jpg

 photo DSC_8836.jpg

 photo DSC_8845.jpg

 photo DSC_8891.jpg

 photo DSC_8854.jpg

 photo DSC_8894.jpg

Trunk or treat:

 photo DSC_1742.jpg

 photo Untitled-1-2.jpg

Trick or treating:

 photo DSC_2512-1.jpg

Helping me scout out places for pictures in Old Roseville, she met a friend:

 photo DSC_2537.jpg

 photo DSC_2534.jpg

Ada’s Thanksgiving feast at school:

 photo DSC_2936.jpg

We hosted Thanksgiving and I was so excited to make a pretty table! I didn’t take many pictures of much else that day haha

 photo DSC_3862.jpg

 photo DSC_3864.jpg

 photo DSC_3876a.jpg

And the Edwards family pie tradition…LOTS of pie. I seriously ate pie for weeks…twice a day.

 photo DSC_3888a.jpg


 photo DSC_8444.jpg

Apple hill:

 photo DSC_8817.jpg

 photo DSC_8812.jpg

 photo DSC_8813.jpg

The only few good apples in the orchard…we went a little late in the season I guess!

 photo DSC_8822.jpg

 photo DSC_8800.jpg

Picking out our Christmas tree:

 photo DSC_5075.jpg

 photo DSC_5071.jpg

 photo DSC_5095.jpg

 photo DSC_5083.jpg

 photo DSC_5081-1.jpg

 photo DSC_5090.jpg

 photo DSC_5099.jpg

 photo DSC_5104.jpg

Decorating the tree (in a leotard)

 photo DSC_5123.jpg

 photo DSC_5121.jpg

Preston took these…teaching him young to take lots of pictures :)

 photo DSC_5868.jpg

 photo DSC_5878.jpg

I’m scary.

 photo DSC_5882.jpg

Happy birthday Nana

 photo DSC_5068.jpg

In December it got pretty cold here and we found lots of water that turned into ice in our backyard…the kids had fun breaking it apart.

 photo DSC_5314.jpg

 photo DSC_5318.jpg

HAIR! (it’s turned into a mullet…needs to be cut!)

 photo DSC_5323.jpg

Sock and sandals…yeah!

 photo DSC_5319.jpg

Downtown roseville, looking at lights:

 photo DSC_5833.jpg

Our little Snowflake!

 photo DSC_5338.jpg

Waiting to go on stage:

 photo DSC_5343.jpg

 photo DSC_5345.jpg

All done, she did such a good job on her first ballet recital!!

 photo DSC_5353.jpg

Decorating gingerbread houses with a zillion crazies:

 photo DSC_6181.jpg

 photo DSC_6173.jpg

 photo DSC_6176.jpg

 photo DSC_6177.jpg

And we trekked to Utah for Christmas and had SO much fun with all our family! Except for the stomach flu part…that wasn’t fun. But we loved the snow, loved our family, loved playing games, loved Beamer…we had a good time out there with everyone!

 photo DSC_5887.jpg

 photo DSC_5896.jpg

 photo DSC_5898.jpg

 photo DSC_5906.jpg

 photo DSC_5901.jpg

 photo DSC_5918.jpg

 photo DSC_5927.jpg

 photo DSC_5938.jpg

 photo DSC_5943.jpg

I’d never made an actual snowman before (sad) so I was pretty excited. I felt 10 again!

 photo DSC_5949.jpg

 photo DSC_5951.jpg

Grandma’s Swedish spark was a hit with all involved.

 photo DSC_5956.jpg

The beautiful temple. We went the Monday before Christmas…bad idea with all the Mormons and FHE!! I felt like I was a t a rock concert in the mosh pit. But it was still really pretty.

 photo DSC_6028.jpg

 photo DSC_6040.jpg

Jackson turned 8 and got baptized!

 photo DSC_5960.jpg

 photo DSC_5973.jpg

 photo DSC_5980.jpg

The whole Strazzo Fam…We took A LOT of pictures and I didn’t look close before I picked one and now I am noticing there are a lot of closed eyes…..

 photo DSC_6017.jpg

Christmas eve! I was wondering hwere Shaun was in all these…and oh yeah…he was throwing up :)

 photo DSC_6042.jpg

 photo DSC_6045.jpg

 photo DSC_6054.jpg

 photo DSC_6047.jpg

 photo DSC_6053.jpg

Precious, happy Lemma!! All the girl cousins are obsessed with the darling little girl!

 photo DSC_6062.jpg

 photo DSC_6076.jpg

Christmas morning!

 photo DSC_6087.jpg

 photo DSC_6082.jpg

 photo DSC_6094.jpg

 photo DSC_6114.jpg

Stopping in Nevada to stretch our legs…somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

 photo DSC_6203.jpg

Daddy’s nice facial hair:

 photo DSC_6220.jpg

 photo DSC_6216.jpg



Happy 2014!

I won’t wait 4 months before the next update :)