Happy One Month Old!

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Yesterday Preston Turned one month old! WOW! I can’t believe we have already had him for a whole month. It’s been so fun and I just can’t get over how cute he is! He is sort of starting to smile…it doesn’t look like gas anymore but it’s kind of sporadic still. Hopefully he can master the smile before everyone comes into town. I am excited for everyone to see our little guy. I posted a few more pictures of him in the webshots gallery, nothing too exciting, but I guess it’s just fun to see him growing so fast! I love you all!



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A couple things I just wanted to write about. Today Preston’s little raisin belly button finally fell off! Yay! He now has a cute belly! Then last night, we got home from Kaysville around 11:30 or so and as Shaun was changing Preston’s diaper he decided to pee all over…again…but then he also decided that he would have a blow out without a diaper on! It was the funniest, an grossest, thing! It totally shot at Shaun and all over! So at midnight we were giving him a bath because he was just so gross! Poor kid, oh well, I just thought I would share that funny story with you all! Love you!


Exciting Friday Night

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We are just hanging out at home, watching the little league world series. So fun.

We put up a few more pictures and a couple videos so that everyone can see Preston growing…he just gets cuter everyday. I don’t think that pictures do justice :) Sorry they aren’t really exciting…we haven’t really done anything exciting the past few weeks! I need to get better about going out and doing things. It’s hard when he sleeps best between 9am and noon, that means that is when I sleep best too! Hopefully we can switch him around one of these days!

I can’t wait until everyone can come and see him! I hope you are all having a great week! We love you all!


New Preston Pics

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I just posted a few pictures…Preston peed all over himself the other day and I just had to take a picture. It was so funny. Then we used a bathrobe that Karra gave him and he looked SO stinkin cute!

We went to see the Doctor today for Preston’s 2 week check up and he looks great! He now weighs 8 lbs 2 oz and is 21.5 inches long! The dr. said they like to have them at least at their birth weight by the 2 week appointment…so he surpassed that! Wow, all that eating is really starting to show! They checked his eyes, ears, limbs, mouth…and just poked and prodded him all over and they said he looks very healthy and very handsome!

Other than that, we haven’t really been up to much! It takes me all day to get anything done! We hope you are all doing well! We love you!


Cute Preston

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So, Preston is doing great…as far as we can tell! He is a little piglet and is always wanting to eat so I am thinking we are going to fatten him up a little bit in the next couple months. I put some more pictures on webshots of him…a few that I am sure he would love to know are on the internet in his teenage years :) but little baby buns are just so cute!! Last night he slept pretty well and only woke up about two times to eat instead of every hour or so! That was nice. I actually had a couple of dreams which hasn’t happened in awhile!

Shaun and I went on our first date without our kid…we went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum, very good movie. Shaun’s mom and Aunt Cat watched him for a couple hours so that was nice to get out and nice of them to watch our little guy! It was weird leaving him, and I always wondered why mom’s wanted to get home to their kids so quickly, I always thought it would be a relief to get out of the house after having a baby…and probably in a few months or a year I will feel that way, but I couldn’t wait to get home and see him! Anyway, being a mom has been great. Not quite as scary as I had thought. I just need to make sure he is fed, changed, breathing, sleeping, and well.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with this baby so far…and for all the flowers, gifts, and prayers! We love you all!


And more pics…

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Hey Everyone! Preston is doing so great…still mixing up night and day but oh well! We keep adding more pictures to our webshots gallery, so you can either click on the link on the right side of the screen here and get to the pictures or you can click on this link to get to a slide show! He is so precious and pretty much the most handsome boy ever born :) I hope you are all doing well! Love you!

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by gnell45


More Pictures

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Here are a few more pictures of Preston. Enjoy.

Preston Fredrick



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I hope y’all aren’t getting sick of updates yet (I am assuming someone will actually visit this page). Preston is home and sleeping in his crib, and his mom is doing the same… only not in his crib as that would present very obvious challenges. We will have a check up on his jaundice tomorrow, but other than that he is doing great. Thank you all for praying for our little boy, and thank you for all the love sent our way.


In Our Room

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They just moved Preston into our room this morning for the first time. He is off all of his monitors and doing great. We are getting booted out of the hospital in about two hours, but we get to take Preston with us when we go. We are both thrilled about that. I don’t know how I would feel about driving here to see him all the time. I would, however, feel great about having him hooked to monitors with nurses watching him for the next, I don’t know… 2 years of his life! They do such a great job here, and Janelle and I are rookies at this parenting thing. I’m 100% at this point we will be the parents that call the doctor too much always thinking that he is sick. Anyway, just wanted to keep y’all updated on Preston. Have a great day.