Preston Fredrick Edwards

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(click the link above to see some pictures of the little one)

Janelle started having painful contractions on Saturday night (28th) and was never able to sleep that night. She woke me up Sunday morning around 5 am to tell me she might be in labor, so we spent all day Sunday timing contractions. Our good friend Brent was in town visiting and we had to neglect him a bit (sorry, Brent), but the contractions kept getting stronger so we had to pay attention. Around 5-ish my mom came over and we all drove to the hospital to get checked.

Janelle was dilated to 4 cm, but after an hour nothing had changed so we went home. The contractions kept coming and getting stronger so by 9:30 pm we were back in the hospital and she was almost 6 cm. Around midnight, after more than 24 hours of labor, Janelle had an epidural to give her some relief. She rested and let the baby descend for a couple hours. At 2 am Monday morning Janelle’s parents arrived after having driven from Sacramento to try and make it in time for the birth.

At 2:30 am Janelle began pushing and after about 45 minutes our little boy came flying out (I mean that almost literally. She pushed and he just came flying out all at once). It was amazing to see him born.

Preston’s (we just decided on that name a few hours ago) breathing was rapid, his color was pale, and his cord had been wrapped around his neck, so I wheeled him down to the nursery for observation after Janelle held him for just a minute. He has been down there since he was born, but we get to go down for visits and feedings. He loved to have his mother hold him, and he is learning to “latch-on” on feed pretty well. The nurses say that he is doing great and will probably be moved into our room sometime today. Mostly we are just watching him because our pediatrician was worried he might have an infection in his lungs, so he is on an anti-biotic for at least 48 hours. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for out little boy. We can’t tell you how comforting it is. We love you all.


Baby’s coming soon!

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We are now at 38 weeks! I have been having a lot of contractions and it seems like this baby will be here soon…i guess within the next 4 weeks whether he wants to or not…but I am hoping he comes naturally and I don’t have to be induced while being two weeks over my due date! Yeah, lets pray that he comes in the next 2 weeks! Sleeping at night has definitely become a chore. I can’t wait until morning sometimes! Oh well. At this week’s appointment the midwives are going to check my cervix, not fun but at least I will be able to see if all of these contractions and cramps have amounted to anything. I really hope so! At least a little!

It’s sad because there really isn’t a whole lot else going on in our lives right now! Just waiting for this baby to come. We are trying to get out and do things…we walked up to Bridal Veil Falls and went and hit gold balls at BYU’s  putting green last weekend…we went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It was really good…and i am still waiting for my copy of the 7th book. I should have just gone to the store and bought it once it came out but i thought ordering online would be faster…that hasn’t proved true! So now i have to make sure that no one tells me what happens, i hope it comes soon!

Tomorrow Tyler goes into the MTC! That is really exciting! He’ll be going to Mexico City, Mexico and serving for 2 years! He won’t get to see his little nephew until he is two years old! Oh well! There will be plenty of time for them to get to know each other after he comes home!

My last day of work is this Friday and I am so excited!! It’ll be great to have a little time off before the baby comes. Hopefully I won’t get too bored…but I am pretty good at entertaining myself. I am my own best friend :) I love you all and will let you know all the details (maybe not ALL of them:) ) once this baby comes! Take care!


2.5 more weeks!!

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37.5 weeks!!Only a couple more weeks…hopefully not any longer than that! I wrote a whole long post recently and I have no idea where it went! Oh well! We are now just waiting. Waiting for the day when my contractions are regular and don’t stop. I’m not exactly excited for that part…but at the same time I am. I’m not excited because I have no idea what my labor is going to be like and what complications may arise…and who really likes getting into something where they have no idea what to expect, it’s kind of scary! I am excited for labor to start one, so I can stop anticipating it and get it over with, and two…because then we’ll have a new member of our family that we can start learning from and getting to know! We are very excited for that adventure!

So far the baby is still moving around and he is pretty active. My tummy just keeps growing outward and it makes me wonder how my stomach could ever be small again. I am kind of getting used to the size, I’m not sure if thats a good thing or not. I am excited to not be pregnant anymore. It seems that is all I hear at work. No one really wants to talk to me unless it’s to say “Wow, are you having twins?” or “you’re so big!” I feel huge, so thank you for confirming that I am :) Then there are the people who have asked me 100 times if it’s a boy or girl, what the due date is or if we have picked out any names…I am going to try hard to remember when people tell me the details of their unborn child so that I don’t ask the same questions a zillion times. Sometimes I want to tally up all the times I have told a certain person boy, August 5, and we’re not sure yet. Anyway, I am sure most moms-to-be feel this way and have the same conversations with the same people about the same thing: their bellies…and I am sure many of them get tired of it too! Oh well!

I am about to go and make some sort of dessert…I wish you could all come over and have some! I love you all and hope life is going well for you! Take care!