Just rambling about work!!

2:15 pm by Janelle. Filed under: Janelle,News

Its funny because I am here at work with well, not really a whole lot to do…and it has been like this most of the week, I have just been pretty bored HOWEVER, I have accomplished more this week than any other week here. I feel like I am getting way too much credit. I try and get affidavits for “success stories.” I broke my week record and have had 11 affidavits come in this week. I also had one lady who LOVES Prosper send in a an autographed headshot (she’s a comedian) so we could put her success story up in our lobby with her headshot. I have had 2 people send me pictures of their investment properties to go along with their stories…and everyone thinks this is fantastic and that I am working really really hard to get all this done! I send out an e-mail or give a call that may take 5 minutes of my 8 hour day so I feel kind of bad that it looks like I am doing a lot more than I probably am. Hmmm…oh well! Not sure why I wrote this, I guess it has just been on my mind today as I feel I have accomplished little this week when “on paper” I really have done a lot!


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