Happy 4th of July!!

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I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!! our weekend was pretty good…the weather wasn’t so great at times…but it was still fun! We wanted to go camping on Friday night but it turned out to be a night full of lightning and thunder…probably not good to be sleeping under a bunch of trees! Saturday night we went and hiked up onto a mountain and watched the Stadium of Fire. It was pretty neat to watch from up high, except we got there around 8 and the fireworks didnt start until 10…so we sat up there on a jagged rock and Shaun was starving but we didnt want to miss the fireworks so we just sat there for a couple of hours…not really knowing when they would actually start!

Sunday we went to church and then drove up to Kaysville to visit the mom and dad Edwards…and Taylor and Dan…and Beamer…and dad just got back from Europe and gave us all the chocolate we could eat basically! We have already polished off all the candy we got and i was really tempted to break into the one we brought down for Christer and Cat…but i was strong and i held back! That was fun to visit them.

Monday night we wanted to go camping and the weather would be fine, so I went and drove all through the alpine loop searching for a spot…only one campground had three spots and they were all so close together and not worth it…so i drove around in a hot car for over two hours in vain! That was pretty frustrating, but oh well. we were able to go on a 20 mile bike ride in the morning and enjoy Provo Canyon, that was really nice! All in all we had a fun 4th of July. We barbecued with the neighbors and watched our other neighbors light off illegal fireworks (hoping the cops wouldn’t show up.)

I hope you all had fun! Strazzo fam…you need to come to Utah to visit soon…i dont know if august is soon enough! Just kidding, its only about a month away so i can handle it! Well, i love you all and hope you are doing well! Take care!


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